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The Essential Bull Run Glossary, Edition 6

It's back, with some new ones and some that were forgotten in the first editions.  Refresh your memory with the links below.

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Kent State Equipment Truck

So this one is fresh, and maybe it feels like we don't need to explain it. But someday it won't be so fresh so we need to be clear.

Snow happens. The week of UB's eleventh scheduled game of the 2014 season, it happened in a big way. But we knew it was coming, thanks to a near-spot-on forecast from the National Weather Service, despite what Governor Cuomo wants to tell you.

Through that, 99% of the people necessary to put on a football game made it to campus, and even stuck around a couple days. But KENT'S EQUIPMENT TRUCK didn't, because apparently their driver doesn't know about weather, forecasts, or snow despite living near Lake Erie himself. He is also a doofus.

This failing on Kent State's end was made more infuriating for Bulls fans when the KENT'S EQUIPMENT TRUCK Twitter (yep, you matter, equipment guy! congrats!) tweeted only pictures of KSU coaches in the snow in Buffalo, and once the game was cancelled by the MAC, that he was on his way to Akron. Yippie Kay Yay for Akron.

This was all very silly, especially considering we played a game within 72 hours of the October Storm in 2006. The MAC themselves were not aware that UB still had a very slim chance at a bowl.

This whole thing inspired two responses: the sanctimonious 'think of the bigger picture' bull that a number of local writers trotted out for easy journalism karma and goodwill from their readers despite EVERYONE BEING AT UB after fighting HEROICALLY through three inches of snow, and our response: general fury directed at the MAC and The Not Game.


DJ Cooper Bikini

Not all of these have pictures, I promise. DJ COOPER IN A BIKINI is closely related to TIM MCVEY, but we'll get there in time.

The above picture was posted to Cooper's own Twitter account in 2010. He's A Fool. Over the next two basketball seasons Cooper became a very good MAC player whose versatility on the stat sheet put him in elite company nationally. What he did not become is Not A Fool.

As you'd expect, True Blue used this picture to taunt Cooper. After his last game in UB's Alumni Arena, Copper behaved in a less than exemplary way in stealing the sign back, cursing out members of True Blue, and generally being one of a number of idiots on Ohio's team. I don't often link to the Spectrum, because other than quotes they don't have anything we don't, but this piece from the day details not just Cooper's actions but those of Reggie Keeley, too.


As I said above, TIM MCVEY is closely related to DJ COOPER IN A BIKINI. Instead of Cooper's last game at Alumni, we need to travel to Javon McCrea's final game at Ohio's Convocation Center.

Let me start with two things: I ever so rarely bring people's real names from Twitter to here. This bottomfeeder deserved it then and deserves it now. Secondly, Javon McCrea is not wholly without fault, but 26 February 2014 is not nearly the same as a visiting player venturing into a student section to swear at people and flip them off.

People in the MAC hate Javon McCrea. On that front they are jealous. They hate Bobby Hurley. On that front they are the same people who hate divers in soccer and hockey. When it doesn't give your team a clear competitive advantage, and it does for UB, it will stop.

Anyway, people at Ohio keyed in on Javon that day and to a degree got under his skin. To another degree, they acted like a bunch of toolbags who embarrassed a good portion of the normally very anti-Buffalo folks at Sometime date rape jokes are out of line. Most sometimes.

One brave OZoner was not only willing to put his name to things, he remains too dumb to delete any of the tweets, which include

  • Urging Ohio fans to call Danny White and get McCrea suspended for... something. Daring to win?
  • Addressing McCrea directly on Twitter and going after his mother
  • Accusing McCrea of 'shaking his penis' at them, which would probably be a crime, which would be a false accusation
  • Finding a random person with the surname "Hurley" on Twitter and berating him for a few tweets.

Also, he came back at Buffalo fans after this year's Ohio win over UB in football and did it all over again. He's so virulent that Ohio fans flock to us and apologize, swearing he's not representative of their fine institution. That's ridiculous. Ohio fans literally sacrifice money and prizes to tell us how much we suck (see WHAT IS BUFFALO SUCKS) and still apologize for this POS.

Tim McVey was born with not only an unfortunate name, he was born with an unfortunate lack of sense. The medium-old guard of UB fans on the internet will remember IronFist, mh55, and the short-lived but bright-burning binghamotnswag, but Tim McVey is the troll for a new generation of Bulls fans.

This incident also inspired a commenter coming to Bull Run and trying to tell us that Buffalo doesn't deserve a blog, as if there are standards on the internet. It was very strange. Between McVey, that 0HI0 dude (or dudette I suppose), and MACCommish, who claims to be a MAC fan but only posts here, we've got a nice little cheering section of green coming from a school that supposedly doesn't care about us.


OLAS is half admiration, half crow dinner. For years, Bull Run commenter TYGA has sung the praises of now-senior wide receiver Devon Hughes, asserting up and down both that Hughes was the finest receiver on the team, and that the Jeff Quinn coaching staff was shamefully foolish for not recognizing such things, among others.

OLAS is an acronym for "Our Lord and Savior," a passive-aggressive acknowledgement of the Hughes parties in our comments. In 2014, Hughes turned out to be the key receiver on the team, and time and time again flashed the skill that TYGA promised.

OLAS is still fresh. We'll see what happens with it; if it stays with the team or stays with Hughes as he leaves Amherst.


Remember HOKIE200PROOF? TOSUX is one of his, from his "Two Minutes of Hate" series in the 2013 football season:

The Ohio State University (tOSUx) is a public research university in Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 1870, the university was originally known as the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College. By 1878 the college changed its name to its current name. This has widely been considered to be a very bad move, as tOSUx enrollment has grown like a fungus and now absorbs more than 56,000 students a year, whether they're worthy of a college education or not. The CDC now ranks "A 2nd-rate tOSUx Education" behind Lead Poising and ahead of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome as the leading cause of Hiohitis, a localized, but crippling developmental disease. Sufferers of Hiohitis can be easily identified by their symptoms which include (but are not limited) to severe obesity, uncontrolled, compulsive yelling of "I-O" after hearing "O" followed by "H", inability to decide political campaigns and a severe hatred of Lebron James.

During the its more than 150 year history, tOSUx has tragically devolved from an accomplished Agricultural and Mechanical College, which helped thousands of mild-mannered Ohioans learn simple, yet practical skills that made an otherwise useless population of simpletons into a somewhat more prosperous population of simpletons. Today tOSUx is little more than a retirement home for failed high school athletes where the most popular fields of study are Bowling, Penis Measuring (online course) and Anything That Will Get You a Job Outside of Ohio.

tOSUx is situated in picturesque Columbus, Ohio, named for the famous explorer and bane of Native Americans everywhere, Christopher Columbus. The city's name is an odd, but fitting choice, honoring an explorer who "discovered" a land already inhabited by millions of people and already visited by other Europeans. Columbus has many famous sites including the Maurice Clarett Municipal Correctional Facility and the Ohio Statehouse, the only capital building in America where the builders lacked the skill, patience and "fvcks given" to complete its dome

Now, we don't really have that much reason to hate OSU, other than that we played a football game once, and I even believe that the extent to which our Ohio-based MAC brethren hate the Buckeyes with their little brother syndrome, and our Michigan-based MAC brethren hate the Buckeyes because Michigan, that we should feel generally positively about the school.

But, HOKIE200PROOF has fallen out of the UB world lately, having created a human, and we need to celebrate his increasingly rare contributions.


A BRJ original, which has been in use a lot longer than you think. RAINBOW MAMBY PAMBIES originally decried those members of THE GIVE JEFF QUINN CREDIT MOVEMENT, but obviously includes others as well. Consider this definition from the coiner himself:

First of all, I have to be careful here, because if I gave my full definition, it would offend 95% of UB fans, however, to put it simply.... Any person (and there were quite a few) who referred to last years Stony Brook game or the first "official" MAC game@ UMASS as a "Great Win" or any variation there of.

If you do a search on our site for MAMBY, PAMBY, or PAMBIES, you can see the slow evolution from BRJ buzzword to a key part of Bull Run vocabulary. It even made it to the surprisingly popular Munch Madness bracket that Dave ran this past summer when Bull Run had next to nothing to talk about:

You just cant beat the old neighborhood bars. If you dont agree, then your dead inside and one of those rainbow mamby pambys.


Closely related to THE CUPBOARD IS BARE, but also a key development in the early identification of RAINBOW MAMBY PAMBIES. Again, from BRJ:

Was a convenient excuse given during the early Quinn years, as to why UB continued losing. If UB didn't have more seniors on their depth chart than the opponent, it was perfectly acceptable to lose that game. It was started by a rainbow mamby pamby and picked up by others of the the rainbow mamby pamby persuasion.


Now that October happened, there are a number of Quinn-related terms that I feel a little more comfortable publishing.

You may have noticed that Jeff Quinn isn't particularly well-liked as a football coach here, though many people praised the family atmosphere in his program and dedication he provided his team. Despite what you think 'apologist' means, QUINN APOLOGIST is in fact a term born of the UBfan-on-UBfan crime of 2011-2012. A QUINN APOLOGIST is probably the opposite of a rainbow mamby pamby, but one caught in the talons of irrational internet: A person with documented hate for Quinn, who gives Quinn slight credit/praise for a specific action, is instantly and seriously labeled a Quinn Apologist.


The 5 year deal you get for being what, 6-27 against FBS opponents in 3 years.


2014's 37-17 loss to Eastern Michigan, which yours truly attended (barf) was the beginning of the end. Together with the ensuing 48 hours, when the former UB coach was relieved of his duties, it composes the QUINNISHING, the latest installment of THE WHITE DEATH, which is slowing its pace as the new AD's hires actually win more than their predecessors.


THE FIRE JEFF QUINN MOVEMENT predates THE GIVE JEFF QUINN CREDIT MOVEMENT by roughly 14 months, if not more. It began with a massive thread on UBFan that described when, how, why, and who should replace Quinn, when he was at about a career coaching record of 6-26.

THE FIRE JEFF QUINN MOVEMENT is a classic example of wasted effort and energy, and an example of a pretty solid fan consensus was ignored, though it was proven right to a T after reaching a fever pitch after the 2012 season: QUINN APOLOGISTS acknowledged that 2012 ended on a high note, but foresaw the strong 2013 season from a team loaded with upperclassmen and feared Quinn had bought himself more time more by circumstance than coaching.

Fortunately for the anti-QUINNSTENSION faction, the QUINNISHING came quicker than anyone would have anticipated given the way things were lined up at the end of 2012.


THE GIVE JEFF QUINN CREDIT MOVEMENT arose out of the UCONN win in 2014. THE FIRE JEFF QUINN MOVEMENT reached a fever pitch after the Stony Brook win in Week 3, which was honest to god the worst thing anyone has ever had to watch ever. I still shudder remembering that I watched every snap. It took five hours.

Most importantly, it was awful. And people were justified in their crankiness. But when UB easily topped UConn the next week, a UConn program that, while not Temple, was a sort of nemesis for Buffalo for a number of reasons, THE GIVE JEFF QUINN CREDIT MOVEMENT was born.

Never mind that UConn turned out to be absolutely awful at football in 2013,  THE GIVE JEFF QUINN CREDIT MOVEMENT was begun when people, probably RAINBOW MAMBY PAMBIES, put up a thread about how we need to give Quinn credit because the win in Storrs was clearly a landmark win that signified UB had reached a new tier in the college football landscape and it was all thanks to Quinn.

It wasn't.


THE NDUKA TREATMENT isn't a new one or one that was artificially censored before, but just one that I forgot about.

Do you remember Ike Nduka? Or Jeffvon Gill? If you do, congrats! You do this despite the best efforts of Jeff Quinn. This could just as easily be The Jeffvon Gill Treatment, but it's not.

In 2009 Nduka was good for over 6 yards a touch and 6 scores during his role in the rotating door of running backs that year, thanks in part to three big games of 172, 131, and 172 yards. In 2010 Nduka was barely a contributor, receiving clear #2 snaps to freshman Bo Oliver.

Now in most setups, #2 snaps isn't bad. But not when your coach gives you THE NDUKA TREATMENT. For as good as Oliver would become, and as important as the ridiculous workload his freshman year was to getting him there, it wasn't apparent during 2010 that he was so much better than Nduka as to elbow him out completely. I have to be very careful with my words there because people get cranky.

THE NDUKA TREATMENT is two sided. It is both the total disappearance of Ike Nduka in 2010 and of John Dunmore in 2014 despite two seasons of practice buzz, but it is also the apparent belief in later seasons that getting Oliver to 40 carries in a game would earn him an extra life. It is the Yin and the Yang: the cold shoulder to one possibly valuable contributor and the over reliance on another.


Another edition down. Be sure to check out the first five, listed at the top, if you missed them in August. Let's tentatively say another edition goes down sometime post-basketball season. It depends how much you all come up in that time.