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Buffalo Bulls Soccer: Vote Russell Cicerone in Top Drawer Soccer's Goal of the Year

Vote Russell!

UB Athletics

Let me take you back to a wonderful day. 5 September 2014. UB Men's Soccer is taking on Bryant.

The Bulls came from behind twice in regulation. Either goal would have been noteworthy in its own right, but each were scored less than a minute after the Bulldogs opened a lead. In the first half, Bryant scored at 12 minutes, but didn't even get to enjoy the lead, and UB took possession right from the restart and immediately put the ball in net thanks to Russell Cicerone.

In the second half, after a lightning delay, Bryant scored in the 88th minute and UB was somehow able to tie and force overtime. That alone is pretty impressive, and the Bulls would later in the season gut out a tie against Western Michigan after a similarly late flurry.

In September against Bryant UB was unlucky to not win the match in regulation as they peppered the Bryant goalmouth two or three times in the final 60 seconds. That turned out to be a fortunate development, though, as this happened at the beginning of the second overtime:

There are a number of great things about this goal, from the distance, to the context, to the goal call, whose cadence and volume I believe I have perfected. Be sure to click on the sidebar for the full writeup of the game, including a number of near-hysterical tweets from yours truly.

Anyway. The reason I bring all of this up again is because Top Drawer Soccer, which covers all levels of high school and collegiate soccer in America, has Cicerone's double-overtime winner up for Goal of the Year. You should vote for him.

Vote: The College Goal of 2014 | The 91st Minute | Soccer Blog | Videos | Pop-Culture

Last but most definitely not least, we have Buffalo’s Russell Cicerone doing the impossible. Buffalo faced Bryant on Sept. 5, and the game dragged into the second overtime tied 2-2 when Cicerone perpetrated this madness. He connected on the kickoff first time and just cruise missile’d this thundersizzler off the crossbar from a clean 55 yards for the game-winner. Can’t even blame the keeper, who made a spirited effort but couldn’t keep it out. Mr. Cicerone, you’re a bad, bad man.

You can view the other goals up for vote, as well, but please don't vote for them. It's unclear to me right now if we can vote multiple times, but the poll is open until 3 PM Eastern on Monday, 29 December

UPDATE: Looks like we can vote multiple times! Go go go!

Cicerone 2014: For a Better Future