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The Buffalo Bulls and Jeff Quinn come to contract terms

It's been a long time coming but UB coach Jeff Quinn's contract has officially been extended

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Update - Here is the entire document

The Quinn extension has wet ink on it and here are the details.

How Long?

The extension is valid from January 2nd 2013 (get the Delorian out Doc Brown) and January 2nd 2018. If the Bulls goes to a Bowl game during the 2017 season which is played after January second the contract is extended out until the game. After the 2014 year Coach Quinn has the right to reopen negotiations

How Much?

The base Salary for the UB coach is 250,000 with 75,000 granted for radiom TV, appearences, fundraising, marketing, and other non coaching duties that are part of the job. He will also be provided with two cars (really) or 400$ a month allowance per car.

Victory is Sweet

If UB wins six games Jeff Quinn gets $5,000 plus another $2,500 for every win above and beyond that. If he beats a team in an AQ conference or ranked in the top 25 he will receive another $2,500. If Buffalo beats a team ranked in the top 25 in the postseason Quinn gets $5,000.

If the Bulls finish the year in the top 25 the Buffalo head coach is compensated with $10,000. If Buffalo represents the Eastern Division in the MAC Championship game the compensation is 15,000 but if UB ties for the East and fails to get to the championship game via a tie breaker that drops to 7,500. If Buffalo wins the MAC in a year Jeff Quinn receives 25,000.

Any Bowl invite at all will add $15,000 to the Buffalo Coaches extension plus another $20,000 if Buffalo wins that game. If that Bowl is a BCS bowl game the amount bumps to $100,000 for an appearance and anotehr $50,000 if Buffalo wins that game.

If Buffalo's coach is recognized as the MAC coach of the year there is a $20,000 reward and another $50,000 for winning an approved NCAA coach of the year award.

If UB's attendance is over 15,000 per game on the year there is a $7,500 award and another $5,000 if the teams APR is above 950 plus another $5,000 is the teams GPA is above a 2.75.

It's not you it's me

In the even Quinn is terminated he gets a one time check which changes per year.

2014 ($325,000)
2015 ($250,000)
2016 ($175,000)
2017 ($100,000)

I am not a lawyer but it looks like a mixed bag to me. It is an extension of four years for a coach with limited success but the price to let him go changed from "contract completion" to one bulk sum that get more affordable every year.

Ill look into more details later and follow up.