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Navy Seal and Nebraska Linebacker, Damian Jackson, transfers to Buffalo

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: AUG 28 Nebraska at Illinois Photo by James Black/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Editors Note: I’ve not seen anything on the UB Website but I have seen other sites state this has happened.

Buffalo’s getting some more talent in its defensive front seven. Damian Jackson, a linebacker from Nebraska and more impressively a Navy Seal is transferring to Buffalo.

Jackson’s transfer comes after playing in 20 games over four seasons for Nebraska. In 2017, after walking on, Jackson redshirted. He was originally cut from the team while trying to walk on but convinced the coaching staff to give him a shot. By 2020 he had earned a scholarship.

Jackson will turn 30 in July and he earned his bachelor’s degree last December. As a graduate transfer, he will be eligible to play in Buffalo right away.

There is a great profile on Jackson to be read on the US Navy’s website.

He initially enlisted out of High School to become a Hospital Corpsman. However, once he arrived at boot camp, being built like a tank, he changed course and set his sights on the SEAL program.

The Navy has about 350,000 active servicemen, less than 3,000 are SEALS.

Beyond the obvious physical talent and experience at Nebraska the life experience and perspective he will bring to a locker room are invaluable.

Welcome to Buffalo Damian!