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The Postgame Meal: Buffalo 17, UConn 24

Post Game Meal: Subway $5 foot-long. Brandon Murie gets two White Macadamian Nut Cookies for his two Touchdowns.

Mark L. Baer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Postgame meal wraps up the game and gets you ready for next week. UB Football: It's not burnt, it's just cooked Cajun Style.

Postgame Drink: I'm going with: Flaming Mouthwash both to get the taste of that "2 minute drill" out of my mouth and because you get to light the shot on fire. I've already got my lighter out to heat up Coach Quinn's seat so it's really convenient.

Postgame Meal: I told you losers get Subway, and nothing says we lost more than a $5 foot-long after already getting Subway breakfast in the pregame meal. Cheetos are included...flaming hot Cheetos, like the seat of Jeff Quinn. Brandon Murie gets 2 White Macadamian Nut cookies, because they are King of the Subway cookie kingdom. Patrick Clarke gets Oatmeal Raisin for his field goal, no one else gets cookies.

Postgame Hate:

UConn played a seemingly clean game, and no player really stood out as killing us or annoying.

Jeff Quinn, up 7-3 on the road onside kick recovered, THAT is the time to unleash the trick play. It is a different game up 14-3.

Jeff Quinn, NO route (during the 2 minute drill) should be for less than 10 yards. Lets look at the Cleveland Browns first 4 plays of their attempt to tie the game on Thursday against Buffalo this morning:

Pass for 13 yards, Pass for 9 yards, Incomplete pass, Incomplete pass, Pass for 27 yards, Run for 4 yards, Pass for 17 yards, Pass for 6 yards.

In the NFL, you get prevent defense to keep passes down in bounds and the clock running. As you get closer to the end zone, there is less room and the defense tightens.

In College, a first down is as good as getting out of bounds, the clock stops after each first down. The defense can either go prevent, and allow you to get 10 yards and a free clock stop after each pass, or they can play you tightly at the risk of being beaten down the field.

Thus there are only two options, throw for 10+ yards or throw for 20+ yards. A throw for 6 yards, should never ever happen.

Postgame Love:

The Running Back Committee: Brandon Murie and Devin Campbell combined for 24 carries and 80 yards. Not BO numbers but not too shabby. Campbell brought in the 30-yard screen to set up the first UB TD and Murie ran the lateral from Neutz for the second UB TD.

Patrick Clarke: We're never in field goal range, but when we are Clarke is 2 for 2.

Skinner and Means: Skinner 13 tackles and a half sack. Means was all over the field making 8 tackles.

Alex Zordich, running back. Zordich gained 7.3 yards per drop back, but 5.4 yards per run, gaining 76 yards. A lot of UB nation think it would be safer and less frustrating to just play the triple option out of the wishbone formation.

Factor Review

1) UConn Offense vs Buffalo Defense:

Run, Run, Pass. Will the defensive secondary make a stop on that one pass. UConn ran 42 times threw 22 times. However UConn completed 68% of thier passes, gained 10.3 yards per pass, and 15 yards per reception. Buffalo sacked UConn 3 times, but seemed to never get consistent pressure.

3) Buffalo Offense vs UConn Defense:

UConn's defense is good, allowing only 2.47 yards per carry in their last 2 games, and only 41% pass completions. Buffalo gained 4.1 yards per carry on the ground, and 43% pass completions.

WMU is a passing team, they completed more passes than UConn usually allows, and powered that to a win. (WMU ran for 2.6 yards per carry and 53% pass completions.)

Buffalo is a running team, we ran for more yards than UConn usually allows, we did not use that advantage to power us to a win. If you are successful in the part of the game you excel in and still lose, the coaching and the play calling has to be criticized.

5) Turnovers:

UConn's Achilles heel has been turnovers, they are -6. We haven't exactly been cranking out the INTs, however outside of the ridiculous Kent game, we have been pretty careful with the ball. Buffalo was -2 in turnovers. The fumbled punt and the dumb Zordich Interception didn't hurt us as our defense bailed us out, but hurt our field position. Moreover, our defense again was no where near an interception. Mack forced one fumble, but we should have been forcing fumbles on that Quarterback all game long.

7) Key Player:

Nick Williams - 4 receptions, 57 yards 0 TDS. Non-factor. I'd give the game ball to Chandler Whitmer 15 for 22 227 yards a Touchdown and no interceptions.

Khalil Mack - Mack got around the LT for a strip sack, he tracked down Whitmer on the 3rd down bootleg to get the offense the ball back. Otherwise, he was pedestrian.

9) Key situation:

2nd Down: Buffalo needs to force UConn into 3rd and long, and then continue to play well on third. Buffalo was again decent on third down, only allowing 29% conversions. 64% of the time, they were able to stop UConn from scoring a first down on 2nd down and set up a average 3rd down and 7 situation.

However, the Bulls were awful on 2nd down. UConn threw 13 times, ran 9 times on 2nd down. The runs were stopped for 2 yards per carry. The passes gained 14.5 yards per reception and Whitmer was 9 for 11 on 2nd down.

Also interesting was that UConn ran on first down and then threw on second down 12 times. They ran on first and ran again on second 9 times. The balance on second down hurt the Bulls, as they did much better against the run.

Advantage: UConn

11) Previous Results

Combining the averages with our indisputably SCIENTIFIC formula the final score will be:

UB: 17

UConn: 21

Off by 3.

Next week, we fire Quinn metaphorically. We feast on Rufus the Bobcat. Ohio is currently beating UMass 30-27, so I don't know maybe we have a chance. Ohio is one of the only teams Quinn has actually bested so there we go.