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UConn: Post Game Grades and Quick Thoughts

Dale Zanine-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Bulls defense gave up a combined 157 yards to Connecticut running backs Lyle McCombs and Martin Hyppolite. Mean while the offense was mostly ineffective and UConn escaped with a 24-17 home win.

It was one of those games that make Buffalo fans scratch their head.

After two plus years of Jeff Quinn you would think I never expect UB to come through in clutch situations. Still when the Bulls got the ball with under two minutes left and only down seven somewhere deep in my soul I thought to myself "They can do this"

Turns out no, they could not. The Bulls proceeded to run a very unconventional two minute offense composed primarily of five yard routes.Conneticut, for their part were more than happy to let UB try to go the length of the field in 90 seconds, sans timeouts, by running curls underneath the coverage.

UB now starts one and three for the third straight year under Quinn and the schedule only gets harder.


Alex Zordich (D): The good? Well he avoided too many stupid throws and he ran the ball well. The bad? Well he looks awful panicked most of the game. The best part of his performance against Georgia was composure, that's been missing for two weeks. Too quick to tuck and run, too wild on passes when he is under pressure.

Running Backs (B-): We cant expect them to be Branden Oliver. They were "ok" against a team with a pretty solid running defense. No fumbles and the occasional nice run.

Receivers: (C+): Saw some pretty bad drops though most of the drops were hard catches.

Offensive Line (C): I'm honestly surprise at hoe much time and space the Skill players were given. This game was not lost because of the line.

Defensive, in total (B+): They all played all right and gave the Bulls a shot despite playing a good part of the game on a short field.

Coaches (F): The play calling on that last drive was terrible, just terrible. How in the world do you call so many routes under 10 yards in that situation.