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Buffalo Bulls Depth Chart for UConn

Oliver is still the high man on the totem pull but Buffalo's star is listed as day to day

Kevin Liles-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Offense 1 2
WR Alex Neutz Devon Hughes
LT Andre Davis Pat Wilson
LG Jansen Carlson Bob Blogdett
C Trevor Sales Gabriel Barbe
RG Graham Whinery Dillon Guy
RT Gokhan Ozkan Jake Silas
TE Jimmy Gordon Dennison - Reeder
QB Alex Zordich Joe Licata
RB Branden Oliver Branden Murie
FB Rashad Jean Jimmy Gordon
WR Cordero Dixon Ron Willoughby
WR Rudy Johnson John Dunmore
DE Steven Means Beau Bachtelle
NG Cahill - Sokoli
DE Colby Way Dale Barksdale
OLB Khalil Mack Willie Mosely
ILB Stockman - Pettigrew
ILB Lee Skinner Khari Brown
OLB Dalonte Wallace Imani Chatman
CB Najja Johnson Carlos Lammons
SS Isaac Baugh Okoye Houston
FS Witney Sherry Minniefield - Brim
CB Cortney Lester Maqus Baker

So you're saying there's a chance!

Well the game notes came out today and Oliver, despite being tabbed as "day to day" is still listed as UB's starting tail back with Brandon Murie sitting right behind him.

So if Oliver is healthy expect to see him.

But the full back position is a different story.

Meet your backup full back, you know him as your starting Tight End.

I get the move of Gordon to Full Back. Off all the talent available he best fits the role but what if, during the course of a game, Jean needs a breather and Gordon's been on the field the whole time as a tight end.

I would have expected Dennison to get the start at Tight End or maybe Reeder to back up Jean.

Rudy... Rudy... Rudy

Rudy Johnson had a rough outing against Kent but it was his first real game action and, to be honest, pretty much everyone had a bad game.

This week he gets the start ahead of John Dunmore in a big to replace Fred Lee.

Reed Snapper:

Maybe the reason Jake Reeder is not backing up Jean as the full back is because he is backing up Marcus McGill as our long snapper.

It's the first time this season that Buffalo has listed a backup for McGill.

Other than that it's a pretty standard depth chart. No Changes at all on defense which given the fact they held Kent to 23 points without Steven Means makes sense.