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Nolan Terrance Wins Greco-Roman Canadian Championship

Most UB Wrestling fans know that Nate Rose has been competing internationally for his native Trinidad and Tobago, but he isn't the only UB freshman finding success on the international circuit.

Nolan Terrance, a freshman heavyweight, recently competed at the Canadian Junior/Senior Championships and brought home a championship in the 120 kg Greco-Roman championships. Terrance, who was competing for the Kahnawake Survival School Wrestling Club of Quebec, dominated the competition. He earned two technical superiority victories, 9-0, 8-0 en route to a championship.

A quick refresher on Greco-Roman wrestling: stylistically, Greco-Roman wrestling is the most different from freestyle and folkstyle (collegiate) wrestling. Greco-Roman forbids holds below the waist. This restriction results in an emphasis on upper-body throws because a wrestler cannot use trips to take an opponent down or avoid throws by hooking or grabbing an opponents leg. Scoring is fairly similar to freestyle wrestling: points are awarded for takedowns based on magnitude, reversal and exposure points are also awarded for reversing position after being taken down or exposing an opponents back to the mat.

Terrance will now move on to compete in the junior world championships which will take place this summer in France and will also compete in the Pan-Am Games in Venezuela as well.

Congratulations Nolan and best of luck in junior worlds and the Pan-Am Games!