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NJ Media: No Rutgers offer yet for Buffalo assistant Donyell Marshall

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The great thing about social media is you get information fast. The problem is sometimes it's wrong.

Earlier this morning it got out that UB assistant coach Donyell Marshall is heading to Rutgers

Reports: Donyell Marshall to leave Buffalo for assistant position at Rutgers - Bull Run
CBS Sports' Jon Rothstein is reporting that assistant coach Donyell Marshall will be leaving Amherst to take a position on the Rutgers' staff under newly-hired head coach Steve Pikiell.

At the time this made sense to me. Despite the fact that Rutgers Basketball is perhaps the worst P5 program in the country, (ed. note: Boston College!) it could pay more and offer networking opportunities to Marshall. Of course it's well known that Donyell wants to be a head coach.

But a short time later it came out that Marshall may in fact not heading to New Jersey.

For what it's worth I have dug around a bit and after talking to several people I am under the impression that Rutgers and Marshall is not a thing. I can't even confirm he has interviewed there or talked to Pikiell about the position.

That's not to say it's impossible. It's only that there has been no movement by either party towards a move at this point.

Marshall not jumping at Rutgers does make a bit of sense. There are several reasons he should and might pass up on a job at Rutgers.

Marshall played 15 years in the NBA and made more than enough money to render insignificant the difference between a UB assistant and a Rutgers assistant. I'm not saying money is no object of course, merely that the higher pay at Rutgers might "Not be higher enough" to move the needle.

So where you can point at money as a motivator for a lot of coaching moves, that's not going to be the case with Coach Marshall.

Rutgers is, with all due respect, a dumpster fire. So the logic goes that if Marshall goes to P5 a school in dire straights and is an assistant who turns it around then he will be able to pick from many other jobs. But in reality how long might fixing Rutgers take?

At Buffalo he is with a school that has won back to back conference titles and is primed for another run next year. Those facts, and his already impressive resume, will starting bringing in mid major offers sooner rather than later.

Finally there is family. My understanding is that Marshall's family is not in Buffalo, but close enough to spend a lot of time together. Moving to another assistant's job far away from the area is not optimal for someone like Donyell Marshall.

I'm not convinced Marshall is here after next season, and honestly he might still find the job this season, but I think that perhaps we don't need to worry about rebuilding P5 schools like the Scarlet Knights.