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Buffalo Baseball Thoughts After Toledo

While not sweeping the series against one of the weaker MAC teams is a missed opportunity it is something that only happened once last year and this season UB secured a series win right out of the gate. Not a bad showing for a young team on the road.

I'm particularly impressed with UB's pitchers. Even in the loss UB's starters put in solid efforts that put the team in a position to win the game. Dubin, Sobieraski, and Tuohy all put in more than six or more innings and each did enough to give UB a shot at the game.

In the case of Sobieraski and Tuohy it was particularity important to get 6 plus in because it helped keep UB's bullpen staocked up for the third game of the series. As it turns out Dubin did not need the help but it's nice to know that Hartz and Harasta could have been called on if needed.

At the plate UB saw good production from the bottom of their order. Alex Thrower had three good games gathering three walks in twelve appearances at the plate. It may not seem like a sexy stat but it kept a couple of innings going and led to four runs credited to UB's center fielder.

In their wins the Bulls showed no real weakness in their batting order, a consistency which bodes well if they can keep it up. While a lot of the power came from Vinny Mallaro, Mike Abrunzo, and Chris Kwitzer the other UB batters were setting the plate for them.

Finally in the field it was  a pleasure to see Kyle Brennan back behind home plate. He had a single error and a total .967 fielding percentage and picked off two attempted steals in the first game of the series, slowing Toledo down greatly.

All in all this team showed that 10-15 wins may be possible. I will be more convinced if they can take one or two from Eastern Michigan, who is a far better program than Toledo.

But first the Bulls take on Saint Bonaventure in a double header on Tuesday.