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UB To Celebrate Men’s and Women’s Basketball Success With A Rally

BUFFALO, N.Y. (UB) – The University at Buffalo will hold a rally to celebrate the success of both the men's and women's basketball teams.

Both teams went to the NCAA Tournament after winning their respective MAC Championship games.

WHO: UB President Satish Tripathi will congratulate coaches and players from both teams. The students behind UB's cowbell chant and cheerleaders will be on hand to celebrate the Bulls and Paul Peck, voice of the Bulls, will emcee.

WHAT: A rally to celebrate the successful seasons of both the UB men's and women's basketball teams.

A live stream of the rally will be available here:

WHEN: 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, March 22.

WHERE: Student Union, UB North Campus.

PLEASE NOTE: Parking for members of the public is very limited at the Student Union. Members of the public should park at the Center for Tomorrow lot on Flint Road and take a shuttle to Flint Loop, a short walk from there to the UB Student Union. Please allow an extra 20 minutes for parking and travel to the Student Union.

Parking for members of the media will be available on Putnam Way.

Campus map: