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2016 CFL Draft: Where will Dillon Guy go in the Canadian Football League?

There are two drafts UB fans should be watching this year. The first is the NFL where a few Bulls have the potential to be late round picks or free agents. The other is the Canadian Football League  where five Bulls are already playing professionally.

The 2016 CFL Draft will take place on Tuesday May 10. 61 players will be chosen from Canadian Universities, as well as Canadian players playing in the NCAA.

Player Pos Team
Drew Willy QB Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Ernest Jackson WR Ottawa REDBLACKS
Naaman Roosevelt WR Saskatchewan Roughriders
Natey Adjei WR Edmonton Eskimos
Jake Silas OL Ottawa REDBLACKS

The last Bull drafted into the CFL was Natey Adjei, a first round pick by the the Toronto Argonauts after his junior season at Buffalo. The others in the league were all

Adjei joined the Argos after finishing his UB career and after a couple of seasons signed on with the Edmonton Eskimos.

That Guy will be drafted this season is a certainty, and it's also a near-given that he will go in the first round. As a Canadian National and a solid prospect on the offensive line his stock is high - at times as high as the top three before he was injured and lost a season at Buffalo.

During the combine he did enough to assuage concern about this health. Even so, he may have fallen a bit, to the later first round, after the combine.

Right now the best lineman available in the CFL draft is a toss up between Guy and Josiah St. John of Oklahoma.

The drafts boards I've seen for the CFL have offensive linemen going to the B.C. Lions (three), Hamilton (five), and Edmonton (eight).

Chances are you see Guy go to Hamilton but he could slide towards Edmonton if the scouts at the CFL combine were not convinced his knee is 100% recovered.