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Buffalo Bulls in the NFL: Training Camp Tuesday

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Khalil Mack

Everyone is watching out for what Mack will do this year. He is a top 50 player per his peers in the league and last year's runner up for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Warning! The following article makes reference to the "tiny University of Buffalo"

Oakland Raiders LB Khalil Mack Getting Noticed
The Oakland Raiders and now the national media are expecting big things for LB Khalil Mack as he enters his second year in the NFL.

Bleacher Report also called Mack the best 4-3 linebacker in the league

Branden Oliver

The Big news for BO this week was his graduation from UB. Congratulations Branden!

James Starks

Aside from this tweet it was a rather quiet week for James Starks watchers.

It took me a second to realize that this was a fantasy trade and for that moment I was really looking forward to the Oakland at Minnesota preseason game.

Kristjan Sokoli

Some insights into the Seattle position battles happening this summer

Patrick Lewis seems likely to be kept as depth in case of injury to the first two. The other name to watch in the battle is Kristjan Sokoli, who is one of the most intriguing players on the team. Sokoli is attempting to convert from the DL and has off-the-charts athleticism, but the learning curve at center might be too tough in his first year.

Steven Means

Ravens Training Camp Schedule

Ravens Release Training Camp Schedule
According to the team's training camp schedule, released June 22, television and newspaper cameras won't be allowed to focus on the team until the veterans report to the Under Armour Performance Center July 29.

Jake Schum

Just more about how Schum will be competing with Quigley.

Ryan Quigley's Not Resting on '14 Laurels
"Jacob Schum has done real well, too, so we’ll see what happens under duress and under competition, but I think both of them are doing a good job."