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Bowling Green Falcons vs Buffalo Bulls football: Lance Leipold's press conference (video)

Lance Leipold spoke to the media this afternoon in advance of Buffalo's homecoming game this Saturday. Watch the video above and read selected quotes below.

On the weather today:

"It looks like we may have a wet weekend, so we might as well go out and work through it."

On Bowling Green:

"They're very talented, explosive, they're very confident in what they do. When you watch teams play, if it is playing up to power five competition, at the skill postition area they're still getting behind people and matching their skill against others very well.

You know, quarterback [Matt] Johnson is leading the nation in passing so they're doing a lot of things well but the other thing is when things aren't there he's able to scramble and make plays happen.

Probably consistent for at least the last three weeks prior: another outstanding defensive line. [It's] one of the strong points of the defense [and] will be challenge for us offenseively. You can see why theyv've been successful and it's gonna be good challenge as a conference opener."

On getting into conference play:

"I'm very excited. I think our whole team is. ... Win or lose [against Nevada], we still would be starting a second season so to speak at 0-0 [so] we have to kind of flush that as fast as we can and get on to this. It is exciting because we really get a chance to see where we are at as a staff; we get to continue to evaluate how we stack up [and] what's gonna be needed for the future if we want to win a championship in this conference."

On Bowling Green's team speed:

"Right, I think with their ... if you look at who they're playing, Dino Babers has done an outstanding job in his short time there. You can see why they are a favorite in our conference and in our division where they're at.

At same time shortly after the game Saturday our upper classman started turning their attention to Bowling Green. Last year was a very close game, one that didn't sit well with our guys, and I know they're ready to work."

On if Bowling Green is "as good as anybody you've faced":

"I think they are, not to take anything away from Penn State or Florida Atlantic or Nevada but I think overall when you're looking at ... from what we've been able to see ... there is definitely the team speed, [and it's] gonna be something we're gonna have try to slow down."

On dealing with a quarterback like [Matt Johnson]:

"The focus for us is gonna have to be more about points allowed than yards allowed. Sometimes in this offense certain plays ... are geared to be like running plays are sometimes for other teams. They're meant to be things that keep you off balance, set up things. ... If you get caught up they have something else that goes off it [and] next thing you know they're running behind you. You have to be able to stay disciplined ... tightening things down at times to not allow points and not worry so much about yards."

On Buffalo's past experience with Baylor:

"It's the same offese, Coach Babers spent time there. It has been talked about, talked about how things were prepared last year in practice format ... schematically we're a little different, have to take a look at how we can put our package together to stop this."

On their approach in camp of running two offenses against their defense:

"You can see that there's times where our format has other benefits to it, the way we go about it. Hopefully this'll be one of those where it'll help. ... We'll do some different things during the week of a lot of different formats."

On freshman Cam Lewis at defensive back:

"Cam got in... we also moved Marqus in as more of the nickel back this last week and had Cam in the game that gave him more snaps. Cam Lewis is a very talented young man who we feel has got a very bright future and you're gonna continue to see him throughout the year."