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Podcast Interview with Becky Burke

College Sports Podcast has a nearly one hour interview with UB women’s basketball coach Becky Burke.

UB fan Michael Ramaccia notified me of this podcast, and he provides this synopsis:

This is the best Coach Burke interview I’ve heard. Published May 6th; 52 minutes long.


Only 5 players on the roster, so Nia Jordan is in the portal.

She did NOT re-recruit the 15 21/22 players. She presented her plans, values and system going forward. She was honest with who she is, her style, and what to expect. Things will be different. Then she basically said take it or leave it. She wanted players that she would have normally directly recruited. She was not going to cater to the past.

The 10 game Nov/Dec out of conference schedule was largely in place before Coach Jack left. She has a few holes to fill in. Needs early wins to give the team confidence and a chance to gel.

She expects to have a total of 14 players. The 5 from 21/22 plus 9 new recruits.

She sometimes participates as a player in the full 2-hour practices.

In 2009 she and Louisville lost to UConn 4 times in one season.

She just bought a townhouse.

Win or lose, she said, there will never be any doubt that she is putting her best foot forward.