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Fanpost - Repost - Where does #ForeverABull start?

Dollar General Bowl - Buffalo v Troy Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Editorial Note: There are limitations on what I can do to a fanpost. But this was a good one so I’m reposting it. after his post I’m throwing up a survey that he inspired.

With a number of UB football alumni at yesterday’s spring game, including a few that did not finish their collegiate career as a Bull, I was thinking of who is considered #ForeverABull. A number of UB-affiliated social media accounts use the #ForeverABull tag for former players, including those that transferred to another school. I put together a number of different scenarios with examples and are curious of others’ thoughts as to who would be considered #ForeverABull.

Who is #ForeverABull?

1. Somebody who signs with Buffalo Nate Navigato/Jonas Jerebko is #ForeverABull

2. Somebody who joins Buffalo for on-campus activities but does not suit up for an official game Elijah Blades/Cole Snyder is #ForeverABull (As of this post)

3. Somebody who is in uniform for Buffalo for a game, but does not participate on the field, and transfers to another school Kolston Brewster is #ForeverABull

4. Somebody who plays for Buffalo for a game or more, but is dismissed/leaves for an off-field incident Justin Moss/Quate McKinzie is #ForeverABull

5. Somebody who plays for Buffalo for a game or more, but transfers to another school Shannon Evans/Dyaisha Fair is #ForeverABull

6. Somebody who plays for Buffalo and graduates, but transfers as a grad transfer Ikenna Smart/KJ Osborn is #ForeverABull

7. Somebody who plays at least one game/season for Buffalo, is no longer on the team, but did not leave the school Members of the UB men’s soccer team/Duke Hwang is #ForeverABull

8. Somebody who plays for Buffalo and enters the transfer portal, but does not transfer Kevin Marks/Tyree Jackson is #ForeverABull

9. Somebody who plays for Buffalo, but does not use all of their eligibility and does not transfer Hanna Hall/Jaret Patterson is #ForeverABull

10. Somebody who plays for Buffalo and extinguishes all possible eligibility at Buffalo Brock Bertram is #ForeverABull