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BRuWPeG Buffalo at Penn State fan predictions

Well I let Matt and Zach talk me out of a perfect pick in week 1.... Great strategy by the guys to take home the editor title this year.

Still my 38-3 pick did net me 4 points, putting me into a tie for 7th place overall and first among the editors.

We had a tie for first last week:

UBBulls98 and Ziggo were each just one point away from a perfect pick with UBFan2001 sneaking in with 35 points UB

So here are the comments

Zigo with the dead on take:

“UB can win this game handily just by running and playing some tough defense. They won’t go nuts throwing it around here…just a nice warm-up game to fine tune some things.”

Both 91 and 2001 put in plain Jane comments so Ziggo wins by default but honestly he had about the most dead on comment of last weeks thread.

So Ziggo, great pick and if you want to sit in on the prediction segment of Bulls and Beers, hit me up at ubbullrun (at) gmail and let me know.

Ok with last weeks business out of the way let’s look at Penn State

I’m writing this before they play Idaho but I suspect that for them, that’s as much a tuneup as Robert Morris was for us. Buy hey, any given Saturday right?

Suffice it to say it’s a top 20 team in their backyard early in the season. UB will have to be on their A game and hope for a few breaks if they want to have a shot.

So last week it was easy to pick the Bulls and score some BRuWPeG point, what about this week? pick with your heart, or your desire to win BRuWPeG?

If you’re unfamiliar with how scoring goes please review the week one post: