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2019 BRuWPEG : We’re just getting warmed up!

You didn’t think BRuWPeG was going away, did you?

This game was started in 2010, Jeff Quinn still had that new coach smell, and we we looking to prove that the 2 win seasons were in the past... Oh how things went south.

David Brand decided to create BRuWPeG to help engage the community, he could not have known how bad we were going to need it. Despite several bad seasons the community here kept plugging away with their weekly picks.

All you have to do each week before kick-off is leave your prediction on the 2019 Bull Run Weekly Pick ‘Em Game thread. Pick the winner and what each teams points will be.

For example, if you want to enter all you do is reply to the article with what you believe the score of the game. For example: Buffalo 42 Robert Morris 13

If you want to win any tiebreakers add a comment to your pick which is insightful, funny, or predictive. It’s 100% subjective and up to the editorial staff, so something pithy and attention grabbing goes a long way to picking a winner.

So how do you score? (2019 Rules)

Individual Team Scores: (6 Possible)

3 points for each team score correctly picked (e.g. 6 points for a dead on pick)

1 point if your pick for a team is withing 3 of their actual score

Total Points: ( 3 Possible )

3 points if the sum of your scores matches the sum of the game total

1 point if the sum of your scores is within 6 points of the actual total

Difference ( 2 Possible )

2 points if the difference between your UB and the opponent matches the actual difference

1 point if you are within 3 points of the actual difference between UB and their opponent

I feel the need here to explain that this is the different between UB and their opponent, and not the winner and loser. If you pick UB 21 and Penn State 17 that “4”... If the score is PSU 21 and UB 17 you get no points for that difference

Winner ( 1 Possible )

Pick the correct winner, 1 point.

So a Perfect Pick is worth 12 points but I can count the number of perfect picks we have had over the years on one hand.

So who’s gonna win it all this year?


This weeks picks