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BRuWPEG Toledo Results & Miami Pick’ Em

Toledo BRuWPEG
Had a straight up winner this week - Toledo BRuWPEG results.

With a great second half, the Bulls pull away now just two wins away from the MAC assisting in securing a Bowl game. Sorry, still stings being snubbed last year. MVP of this team is Anthony Johnson. Great receivers have donned the Bulls uniform but we are seeing someone truly special. I hope AJ’s injury keeps healing and his timing with Tyree only improves. Enough about the offense. The MAC’s best defense resides in Amherst, NY. Without arguably one of their best defenders in street clothes, other than a handful of plays, the defense rolled the Rockets. I love the Bulls third down defense.

Speak of rolling the competition, I wonder if a certain Canadian legally rolled something which helped predict his sole week this week. Verandaman with the “highest” point total and “stoned” the field with 5 points to add to his “pot” of points. Does this curator of BRuWPEG heart’s smile to see Daveysbrew and Verandaman have a great picking season. (I scrapped the idea of a “bowl”, picks getting lost in the “weeds”, etc. jokes as well.)

Here is the winning pick and as I mentioned in the thread a ton going on here:

Better and better

UB just keeps rolling Lucille. Time to MASH the rockets…

UB 31

Scales 21

Posted by Verandaman on Oct 15, 2018 | 12:06 PM

Desertbull with another strong week creating some separation. Can anyone catch him?

Toledo BRuWPEG Results
Toledo BRuWPEG Results
J. David Brand

BRuWPEG Week 9
BRuWPEG Week 9 - Miami of Ohio. Time to stop the two game winning streak.

Time for some MACTION! It seems like all MACTION games are crazy. This weeks opponent, Miami of Ohio, should help with the crazy. Miami’s QB Gus Ragland is no joke. For the season, completed 160 passes out of 264 attempts for a completion percentage of 60.6%. Tyree Jackson with 139/246 and a completion percentage of 56.5%. Tyree’s average yards per completion is 13.46 to Ragland’s 11.05. The depth at WR and RB sets the Bulls apart. Add the number one defense in the MAC combined with home field advantage, this picker all over the Bulls. My guess is UB is -4.5 but the experts have the Bulls as a 7 point home favorite. Here is to covering the spread Bulls!

If you have not made it to a Bulls game, you have only two chances left. The next two games are at home. See the Bulls add to their already best regular season. Be a part of Bulls history.