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BRuWPEG Results and Toledo Picks

Akron BRuWPEG Results
Akron BRuPWEG Results

Happy 6 - 1 to you. I am going to assume we do not have a reader who remembers the 1959 6 - 1 season start? The picks were as weak as Akron’s offense. The highest point total? 2

We had a three way tie at 2. Yes 2. ArborHill, LK4, and Bull Run’s very own Tim Riordan. ArborHill immediately disqualified for picking Akron. The two other picks are:

Zips 14 Bulls 23

Posted by LK4 on Oct 11, 2018 | 9:09 PM

Our passing game leaves a lot to be desired lately...

UB 27

Akron 17

”I will play fullback in the next game and I’ll have a gun with me. The first Buffalo man who shows yellow, I’ll drop.” -- Buffalo Coach Turk Gordon, 1901

Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull or pay a visit to the Bull Run Store

Posted by Tim Riordan on Oct 13, 2018 | 1:35 AM

Winner this week is LK4. Picked John from Bull Run as the winner of a previous tiebreaker this year. I do not want to be called a homer. Secondly, the two points moves Tim from last place to still in last place.

Week Seven is here. BRuWPEG Toledo
rma116 & J. David Brand

On to week seven and this could be the Bulls not having a 90% plus pick for rate. Toledo down early against EMU. Fail to convert a two point try from leveling the score and forcing overtime. The Bulls are a +2 point road underdog.

Toledo again has an impressive offense.

Toledo averaging 43 points to Bulls 33.14

Toledo averaging 235.17 in the air to the Bulls 222

Toledo averaging 201.50 rushing to the Bulls 183.57

Toledo averages 72.67 plays to the Bulls 68.86

Toledo averages 6.04 yards per play to Bulls 5.59

Bulls average 30:45 time on field to the Rockets 29.45

Get your picks here. Remember in Buffalo, the game is being broadcast on Channel 2.

Thanks MartinDB for the nudge to post total scores:

Before Toledo Results
Before Toledo Results
J. David Brand

Akron BRuWPEG Results
Akron BRuWPEG Results
J. David Brand