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BRuWPeG - The End?

Well the Blog Father went out with a bang but it was not enough to put him near the head of the pack. Instead Zigo up and passed the leader, becoming the provisional winner of this years BRuWPeg.

If there is no bowl game in our future than these results are set. If the dice roll the right way for us and we end up with a bowl then the game goes on.

Calvin is this years “Mr Average” for tying the “Average” score we put up every week.

If UB has a Bowl game our Rookie of the year, LK4, has a chance to retake the lead. Losing the lead in the very last week is painful, beleive me I know... But unlike when I fumbled away a win in the initial BRuWPeG, LK may have a chance to win it in overtime.

As a note, I want to thank David Brand for doing this over the years. It’s a lot more work than most people can imagine and he did a far better job of it than I could manage.

Western Michigan

Two more wins and we get a bonus BRuPeG week...

W1: Desert Bull

W2: LK4

W3: David Brand

W4: MartinDB

W5: Majortomxiii

W6: HomeyG1

W7: Calvin

W8: LK4

W9: denewts

W10: Verandaman

W11: jjfrag

W13: Bull In Exile