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White North Wednesday - CFL Season Kickoff

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Canadian League kicks off their preseason today and there are four games involving UB Alumni in week one. There are an uneven number of teams in the CFL so during the preseason one team plays two games per week, so this week you'll get a double dose of Drew Willy and the Blue Bombers.

The Highlight is a Monday evening game which will feature Drew Willy and Ernest Jackson as big name players on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Ottawa REDBLACKS. Jake Silas will also have a chance to earn a spot on the line in Ottawa.

Time Home Team Road Team Bulls
8-Jun * 7pm Winnipeg Montreal Drew Willy (WPG)
11-Jun 8pm Calgary Edmonton Natey Adjei (EDM)
11-Jun * 8pm Sasketchewan BC Naaman Roosevelt (SAS)
Dillon Guy (BC)
13-Jun * 6pm Ottawa Winnipeg Drew Willy (WPG)
Ernest Jackson (OTT)
Jake Silas (OTT)

* - Game is to be aired on ESPN3

Drew Willy -

Willy enters his third year as the starter in Winnipeg and when he has been upright Drew's numbers have been som of the better stat lines in the CFL. It's been a long playoff drought for the Bombers and an even longer Grey Cup dry spell.

If Drew can help the bombers get back to the mountain top he would secure a place in Winnipeg history.

Drew Willy's place in Bomber history awaits | Paul Friesen | Blue Bombers | Sports
Drew Willy was talking about legacies, Thursday, recalling some of the Blue Bomber and CFL quarterbacks who've gone before him.

"I know of Dieter Brock," Willy said of the passing machine who made his No. 5 famous around here. "I've met Kenny Ploen. I've known Khari. I know Kevin Glenn. Obviously Buck. It's kind of a fraternity in the CFL.

Ernest Jackson -

Jackson and Ottawa took just two seasons to go from expansion doormat to CFL runnerup. The REDBLACKS are returning their entire receiving corps, a unit with four guys who went for more than 100 yards last year.

Scanlan: Greg Ellingson’s great catch no biggie in Florida | Ottawa Citizen

One of the coolest aspects of the Redblacks’ stunning 2015 season — the team kept four star receivers happy, each one generating 1,000-plus receiving yards. The big four: Ellingson, Chris Williams, Brad Sinopoli and Ernest Jackson are all back this season.

Jake Silas

Silas has the most to prove over the next couple of games. We've talked before about the challenges an international player faces in the CFL. Silas is massive and has a year with Ottawa as a practice player.

Redblacks' receiver Pierzchalski 'soaking up everything' | REDBLACKS | RedBlacks
“I don’t want to get locked into saying anything because the likelihood is things are going to change somewhere, somehow," said Redblacks GM Marcel Desjardins. "Draheim’s getting the first-team reps right now, but (Jake) Silas is going to get a chance and we brought the new guy in — Jermaine Barton. Too early to tell, but (Draheim) is the guy who has experience.”

Naaman Roosevelt

Naaman showed last year he could be one of the better receivers in the CFL and he has shown this spring that last season was no fluke.

Roughriders receiver Naaman Roosevelt turning heads at training camp |
The 28-year-old receiver has been a human highlight reel in his second CFL training camp. Roosevelt is making a habit out of reeling in jaw dropping catches against high end defenders.

Dillon Guy

Guy is part of a young and highly promising line that could build a BC dynasty if they hold together.

Get Excited: 2016 British Columbia Lions
Why should the Lions fans be excited about this? Since 2012 their team has been diligent in investing in this formula. Kirby Fabien, Hunter Stewart, and Charles Vaillancourt are all first round draft picks who have a legitimate shot at making an impact on the offensive line this year. Throw in T-Dre Player who was the Lions first selection in 2014, and the highly touted Dillon Guy, who the Lions flat out stole in the fourth round of this year’s draft, and there are five players who have been considered first round material. That’s an incredible pedigree to have in the trenches and all of them are under 26 years of age.