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Bull Rundown - Daily Updates About UB Athletics

We're trying something new with the rundown. Real life is keeping me up late working so getting these out constantly in the early mornings. I do, however, have some time in the morning while I hook up my coffee iv line to peruse the news and post something.

So for the next little while the Rundown is going to come out just before lunch time in the eastern timezone. Let me know what you think.

The Rundown

Yesterday's News:

Fantastic article about negative recruiting from Robby.

Matt, back from his busy Holy Week, caught us up on most of the Olympic Sports.

I took a look at what the first MAC series of the year taught us about UB baseball.

This Morning's News:

Julius Hodge is taking a job at Santa Clara.

Today in Bull: Use the rundown as a sort of game thread for these events

Softball hosts Canisius at 4pm.

From the Fanshots:

Vinny Mallaro was named the MAC east player of the week

Wrestlings Muhmaded McBryde Named Academic All-MAC

On the Docket:

We'll have recaps up for each of the UB teams competing today


Applications to Buffalo are up more than 10% over last year the SAT profile of applicants is up over previous years. This is somewhat in line with the observed "Flutie effect" which is an observed correlation between moments of athletic success and increased interest in the school.

Kind of makes sense if you believe, as I do, that Athletics is a vital part of student life not just for athletes but for all students.