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Depth Chart for Akron At Buffalo

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Offense 1 2
WR Kamathi Holsey K.J. Osborn
LT Roubbens Joseph Evin Ksiezarczyk
LG Brandon Manosalvas Jacob Byron
C James O'Hagan Skyler Hartley
RG Tomas Jack-Kurdyla Connor Morehart
RT David Goldsby Albert McCoy
TE Mason Schreck Tyler Mabry
QB Tyree Jackson Grant Rohach
RB Jordan Johnson Johnathan Hawkins
WR Malcolm Robinson Jacob Martinez
WR Marcus McGill Jamarl Eiland
Defense 1 2
DE Demone Harris Charles Harris
NT Chris Ford Justin Brandon
DT Remaine Douglas Max Perisse
DE Brandon Crawford Joe Keels
LB Jarrett Franklin Jake Ames
LB Khalil Hodge Matt Otwinowski
LB Ishmael Hargrove Jordan Collier
CB Boise Ross Brandon Williams
FS Tim Roberts Dev Lamour
SS Ryan Williamson Andrews Dadeboe
CB Cameron Lewis Tatum Slack
Special 1 2
P Kyle DeWeen
PK Adam Mitcheson
LS Corbin Grassman
HLD Conor Clarke
KOR Johnathan Hawkins Jamarl Eiland
PR Jamarl Eiland Cameron Lewis

Maybe it's resignation on behalf of the coaching staff, or indifference to the weekly game notes (who could blame them), or just a lack of time this week because of UB's mid week game.

Whatever the reason the depth chart this week is identical to last weeks edition. This despite an awful performance against the Northern Illinois Huskies in Dekalb Illinois this past Saturday.

The Loss moved UB's record to 1-6 so barring a miracle there is no way UB bowls this year.

So the question is should we go full on development for the rest of the season? Basically play your underclassmen and folks who might be impact players next year?

Or do you stay the course in hopes of a three or four win season. Odds are that Lance Leipold is feeling the heat so he needs three or four wins.

A 1-11 record this year might shorten his stay in Buffalo, that is if the school decided to move on AND can manage to handle the seven figure buyout the Bulls would need to part ways with their coach for a year or two more.

In any event here is your, completely unchanged, depth chart.