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CHARTer School Week 3: Football is football but offense takes time

Welcome to CHARTer School, the graph-based post where I make Economics 101-level pie charts about how many times Joe Licata threw to the left side against UAlbany and otherwise try to make visual sense of this crazy thing we call UB football.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Is Buffalo Elite?

That is the half sarcastic half serious question asked when any team or player succeeds while looking unsuccessful. Which is the best way to describe UB over the last two weeks. We've gone from a stacked and experience offense carrying a poor, inexperienced defense to a dominant defense keeping the unimaginative offense in games.

I think I'm still under the assumption that offense takes a little longer to get in rhythm, while defense is more about positioning + athleticism + what the other offense is giving you. So far, the defense is in position, turns out we have some decent athletes and no matter what the offense gives us, we're going to key in on taking the ball away.

So with that in mind I compared the first three games of this regime with the previous 4 regimes to see how we've fared on offense in new systems. I compared 15 statistical categories, a first quarter-season quindecathalon.

Final Score

Leipold 49, Quinn 40, Gill 38, Hofher 25

Moral of the story, moving to a new offense takes time, but the Leipold offense however bad it has looked is still performing better than any new regime we have seen at this point of their first season.

Each of the previous three coaches lost their fourth game to start 1-3. Leipold's offense will need to improve big time to win on Saturday but if they do, LL Cool Coach will be the first UB coach to start 3-1.