Nevada Wolf Pack at Buffalo Bulls: First Half Recap


Run and stop the run. Through one half, UB is doing neither and trailing the visiting Nevada Wolf Pack 17-10.

Nevada reeled off 91 and 55 yard rushes on consecutive drives to take a 14-7 lead and has been able to find yard consistently against the UB defense, which is doing OK in passing situations and might want to stack the box a little more. On offense, Joe Licata threw for 100 yards and a touchdown in the first quarter, a 41-yard strike to Matt Weiser that saw the tight end break a tackle and scoot otherwise untouched into the end zone. UB has also been able to move the ball but has been hampered by at least three drops and - surprise, surprise - already multiple penalties on the offensive line.

Licata has found receivers, but sometimes has held the ball too long even in passing for 190 yards. We haven't seen any effective rushing. As is the norm, the offense has too often been unproductive on first down and forced to play from behind on second and third. Nevada gets the ball to start the second.

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