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UB Track and Field alumnus Jason Ayr finishes top-40 in 2015 Boston Marathon

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Four hours ago, I was hunting for a second post to use on this light day of UB Athletics. That's proven unnecessary, as there's been a small measure of excitement around these parts.

Still, I'm glad to have gotten an incomplete list of UB Track and Field alumni who ran the Boston Marathon this morning from the Track and Field team via Anna Cooper, the Assistant Director of Communications,

I've got six names, two of whom I can't find times for in the Boston Athletic Association's searchable results, but maybe someone else will have more luck. In particular, I want to highlight Jason Ayr, who finished in a blistering 2:25 and in the top 40 of the massive race.

John Flor (2003-2006): 2:44:57, 497th overall
Tim Maxon (2003-2005): 2:47:58, 722nd overall
Jason Ayr (2006-2008): 2:25:14, 37th overall
Brittany (Chilson) Fechko (2007-2011): 3:38:15

Jennifer Koeppel-Acker (2001-2006): Results not found
David Welby (2005-2007): Results not found

UPDATES: Add swimming alumnus David Harris (2004-2008): 3:07.52

Thanks to ubxcretired in the comments:

Jeff Czyz - XC/T&F 2000-2004 - 2:42:16 for 371st place.
Kevin Brady - XC 2000-2004 - 3:05:21 for 3663rd place.

I spent my four years of college at Boston College, which sits at the top of Heartbreak Hill, the final of several rolling hills in the Boston suburb of Newton, and at the Mile 21 marker, and Marathon Monday is one of the best days of the year.

Boston is simply the most storied marathon in existence, and though I was always at Mile 21 and not the finish line, it was already apparent that the course demanded that legendary history. I'm sure more UB alumni, Track-and-Field-affiliated or not, also ran the race, and to all of them and the names above I offer nothing but a hearty congratulations. Please let us know if you know of more.