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Once again it falls to the younger generation

This one is for the students....

I've already went on about how my generation of UB fans failed pretty badly while we were in school. Attendance was bad and there was almost no publicity for events. Sports by in large felt like a world separate from UB. There was no synergy* between the athletic department and the student body.

Back in the day and there was more orange on campus than Blue and White. About ten years ago things started to change and have steadily been improving.

What you guys did against Kent State was awesome. Really!

Watching that game from the twin cities was a treat. Not only did we throttle Kent but the entire game feature a roar from the students. I've been watching UB games on ESPN3 for years and that was easily the most enjoyable yet.

I was not the only old guy who was impressed. Dave went to his first hoops game in a decade and compared the experience to what it felt like to see Naaman Roosevelt pull in a "Hail Mary" pass versus Temple David's Kent Experience.

I had a vision for Buffalo Athletics and the students made me love it. - David Brand

Now it's senior day.

Matt had a great summary of UB's success during their senior days. The Bulls win and you end up with moment like Mitchell Watt being carried off the court or Javon McCrea making and taking his first three point shot as a Bull. Add that history to a team which has put up SportsCenter top ten plays multiple times, including *two* ESPN top 10 highlights against Ohio.

Have I mentioned that a UB win would mean the Bulls repeat as MAC East Division champions?

I've been prodding UB related twitter accounts and shaking as many trees as I can find. In general nobody will give me any specific numbers.

What I can summarize from the few responses I've gotten is that the "average" student attendance being factored into their projections is a conservative average. If you guys come out on par with most games this season the department should hit 6K.

If, however, you show up with the numbers you brought for Kent not only will UB smash 6,000 but they may very well exceed the Wikipedia listed venue capacity of 6,100!

All I'm trying to say is that the team has proven they bring their part to the game day experience and you students have shown that when you're on your game UB looks like big time college basketball. The Kent game, more than anything else I have seen in the past two years, *SCREAMS* that the State University of New York at Buffalo could become a big name in college sports.

* - I hate the word synergy here but it applies.