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MAC Tournament Seeding: Buffalo Bulls claim #2 Seed, will wait til semifinals

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

UB's 77-75 win tonight was the last to go final, but I didn't want to hold the postgame recap hostage. But now, with that post up, we know how the top five in the MAC Tournament is shaking out and can explain it.

To cut to the chase, UB has secured the #2 seed, thanks to their 2-2 record against Kent State and Central Michigan. The Bulls finished 12-6 and tied with the Chippewas, who lost to Western Michigan, and the Golden Flashes, who topped Akron.

Below, find the top five seeds of the 2015 MAC Men's Basketball Tournament, and how they got there tonight.

#1 CMU 12-6 L @ WMU 2-1 vs UB, KSU
#2 UB 12-6 W vs BG 2-2 vs CMU, KSU
#3 Kent 12-6 W vs Akron 1-2 vs CMU, KSU
#4 Toledo 11-7 L vs EMU 1-0 vs BG
#5 BG 11-7 L v UB 0-1 vs UT

As the games unfolded, it became clear that the boom-or-bust scenario for UB was in full effect. WMU and EMU set out to large leads and never gave them up, giving the Bulls the lead into the #2 seed, but Kent State and Akron were deadlocked. A Kent win and a UB loss would have pushed the Bulls all the way down to the #5 seed.

As the 2 seed, Buffalo claims a triple-bye into the semifinals and will first play next Friday, needing to win just two games to claim their first Mid-American Conference Title.

Go Bulls