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Bulls add to the class of 2015!

There will be an NLI signing today at the Miller Tennis Center

If you're in the north towns this morning and looking for something to do you could go join the the UB men's tennis team.

The team will be signing a new member to their 2015 team.

13-year-old Ruben from Buffalo Will be "signing his NLI" as part of a Team IMPACT initiative at 12:15 pm.

Team IMPACT's motto is: Improving the quality of life for children facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses through the power of team.

The group was featured some time back on

Team IMPACT unites sick kids, college athletes - ESPN Boston
Team IMPACT does not focus on the medical aspects of these illnesses, saving those for the heroes in the hospitals. Instead, the Boston-based nonprofit works with the often-overlooked double whammy that accompanies such conditions: social isolation. Kids with cancer and other major illnesses are often taken away from their peer group for weeks or months at a time. When they return to school, sometimes they do so bald and in a wheelchair. It is not a recipe for cool.

But it gets cool in a hurry when kids are paired with college sports teams. Under the Team IMPACT (Inspire, Motivate, Play Against Challenges Together) model, kids are "drafted" onto teams. They sign letters of intent. They get lockers and team gear. They are included, to the degree that is possible, in team practices. They get great seats at the games. Sometimes they show up in the dorms, in classes, at team breakfasts. The athletes start expanding their range, too. They show up at Dairy Queen, at Little League games, at birthday parties, at Build-A-Bear shops in the mall. In hospital rooms.

Media availability with sixth-year head coach Lee Nickell will take place following the signing and then at 1pm the Bulls will take on Youngstown State.