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White North Wednesday! Buffalo Bulls in the CFL

Richard Wolowicz

It's early in the CFL football season but two of the three UB alumni playing north of the border are having their best showing on the field since finishing up their college career at Buffalo.

Willy is having arguably the best season of any CFL quarterback, he is certainly playing at a far higher level than one might expect from a journeyman backup in the NFL, UFL, and for last seasons Roughriders.

This season Drew is second in the CFL in Passing yard and touchdowns thrown among all quarterbacks. He is also second in rating and third in completion percentage among pivots who have thrown the ball more than 25 times.

Name Team Comp Att % Yards Long TD % Ints % Rating
Ray, R TOR 56 75 74.7 690 49 5 6.7 0 0.0 124.9
Willy, D WPG 40 60 66.7 615 51 4 6.7 2 3.3 108.7
Reilly, M EDM 51 75 68.0 482 42 4 5.3 2 2.7 92.2
Durant, D SSK 32 51 62.7 431 59 4 7.8 3 5.9 91.2
Glenn, K BC 31 53 58.5 410 55 2 3.8 6 11.3 48.5

Ottawa tried to rattle Willy in their last meeting and although his touchdown output was down from the opening week he still threw for 300+ yards and played clutch under pressure. The RedBlacks aggressiveness bordered on cheap in the last game. The league fined defensive back Jeremy Gavins for a cheap shot delivered on Drew.

The Gavins hit, although the cheapest, was not the hit that had Blue Bomber fans worried. That hit came when Willy's throwing hand struck an oncoming Ottawa defensive lineman. For a few series after that hit Willy last the zip in his passes and could be seen wincing in pain. The staff "medicated" him and his play improved enough for him  to lead Ottawa to a win and now he has been cleared to play this week versus Montreal.

The Winnipeg press are reporting that Drew has looked to be at 100% in practice. With no lingering symptoms from the hand injury Drew Will make the start this week.

One of Willy's favorite targets while at UB, wide receiver Ernest Jackson, is playing his heart out for the BC Lions.

The Lions are struggling to get traction this season behind backup quarterback Kevin Glenn.Gless six interceptions are a big part of the reason for the early skid.

But when Glenn is hitting BC receivers one of his favorite targets is Jackson.

Name Team No. Yards Avg Long TD
Owens, C TOR 19 237 12.5 49 1
Kelly, A WPG 8 163 20.4 47 2
Bowman, A EDM 12 144 12.0 35 1
Durie, A TOR 10 130 13.0 34 0
Moore, N WPG 7 120 17.1 51 0
Stamps, F EDM 7 114 16.3 42 1
Jackson, E BC 7 110 15.7 38 0
Harris, A BC 6 102 17.0 55 1

Jackson leads the Lions in yards and is seventh in the CFL. Among his 7 receptions this season are a few circus grabs which have caught the attention of fans and the media. Three weeks ago EJ was playing a backup role in the final preseason game, now he is the teams leading receiver.

The only CFL Bull who has not seen real action is Natey Adjei, but that might be changing due to an injury which rocked the Toronto

Toronto Argonauts: Andre Durie to miss six weeks –

Fresh off their impressive 48-15 win over the Grey Cup champion Saskatchewan Roughriders, the Toronto Argonauts were feeling good about themselves. Unfortunately, any momentum has been tempered by the announcement that Andre Durie will miss at least six weeks of action.


Of course, while no one on the Argonauts can duplicate the 32-year old’s production, someone will still need to move into his starting position. The early candidates are Anthony Coombs, Natey Adjei or Mike Bradwell, who took over after Durie left the game against the Roughriders.

Even if he does not win the starting Role it's likely that Adjei will get some real chances on the field while Durie is on the mend.

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