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Can Mack really go number one? Mack previous media coverage.

With news being reported today that Houston had Mack graded higher over Clowney, why did UB not have better attendance?

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Khalil Mack could very well be the first player selected in the draft.  Looking back now, many in Buffalo wished they would have seen Mack in action.  Is it UB's fault, the local media, or something else that Buffalo sports fans did not see Mack live.  Reports today have the Houston Texans, who own the first overall pick in the upcoming draft, have graded Mack higher over Clowney.   Peter King's Monday Morning Quarter Back article:

  • Houston, at No. 1, isn’t set on Jadeveon Clowney. In fact, one FORS (Friend of Rick Smith) told me the Texans general manager likes Khalil Mack over Clowney, and we still don’t know which quarterback Houston would choose if it chooses one first overall. I still think the Texans would go with a more sure thing with the first overall pick than a quarterback—and that sure thing could also be tackle Greg Robinson. But imagine Mack, the outside linebacker from the University of Buffalo, being the first pick in a stacked draft. Wouldn't that be something—a second straight Mid-American Conference player (Eric Fisher, Central Michigan, by Kansas City) as the top pick in the NFL draft?
Many UB fans who have had the pleasure to watch Mack over his New York career can more than understand Mack being taken first overall.  The question is if UB has a draft choice who goes number one overall, why did not more fans see Mack play?

Is it that Mack really did not get major press until after the Ohio State game.  And the major press really started pumping out the Mack love at the combine?   I will give a pass to UB on the media as the department worked very hard to bring in fans and did promote Mack and Oliver before the season.  My beef is with the local media.  How was Mack not a major story even after the Ohio State game.  I get that Buffalo is a Bills town first and Sabres second and everything a distance third.

Mack should have been all over the local sports pages.  Mack interviews, behind the scenes features, and much more should have been not only on partner station Channel 2 but all the stations.  UB will have a first round draft choice in Mack and a NBA draftee in Javon McCrea who is having great success in post season tournaments. So the question is, how does UB become an entrenched establishment like the Bills and Sabres? Is it as simple as consistent victories with more Bowl trips and hopefully a victory as well as making it into the big dance for the first time will bring over more fans.

Could the 49ers try to move up to get Mack?
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