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Munch Madness - Pano's vs Dick & Jenny's

A New Orleans restaurant relocated to Grand Island up against the best upscale Greek dinner. The butter lamb bracket is underway.

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Buffalo and WNY has some amazing places to eat. At Bull Run you will decide the best place! So far we have big wins by Bocce Club Pizza (Anchor Bar), Brennan's (Trattoria Aroma), Cantina Loco (Tempo), Charlie the Butcher (Salvatore's), Chiavetta's (Red Pepper), Duff's (Oliver's), Gadawski's (Mulberry), Hutch's (Lombardo), the Left Bank (Lake Effect Diner), and congratulations to Lloyd's (Kentucky Greg's Hickory Pit), Grover's (Mooney's), and congratulations to Gabriel's Gate (Old Man River.) The last bracket begins of the first round, the Butter Lamb Bracket. Up first is Pano's vs Dick & Jenny's.


Pano's Website Menu

From the website:

Pano’s Restaurant on Elmwood Avenue has been a Buffalo icon for over 35 years. This successful business has continued to evolve from its original concept to the dynamic restaurant it is today. The atmosphere is warm and thriving. Guests find their senses aroused and their every expectation met by the friendly staff and extraordinary meals.

I think I was at Pano's way back in the day but after a night of too many drinks so any food is good. My wife took me to the new location for dinner recently and I was totally blown away by the quality of the meal. The parking is atrocious but the selection is incredible. We have been back a number of times and the place is always packed.

Panos on Elmwood from Matt Rath on Vimeo.

Dick & Jenny's Website Breakfast Menu Lunch Menu Dinner Menu

A Grand Island staple called Del & Herb's sat vacant for years. The restaurant has been re-purposed and is now Dick & Jenny's. Grand Island has some great restaurants including the Village Inn, The Riverstone, Sapphire Grill. and many more. My wife loves D&J (and it is only a three minute ride from our home.) Great story (probably was not great at the time - that is a teaser to read below) and a menu like no other place in WNY. If you have not tried Dick & Jenny's, make the trip. I do recommend reservations and they do take online at the website. Secondly, pick a night with live music.

From the website:

Dick and Jenny Benz met in New Orleans at the Upperline Restaurant – she was a server and he was the chef. After getting married on Uncle PJ’s boat on the West River they decided to open a little dinner restaurant in Uptown New Orleans. They called it Dick & Jenny’s, of course.

After years of success as a locals’ favorite, Dick & Jenny’s got thrown a curve ball: Hurricane Katrina. The restaurant and staff’s property were intact but Dick & Jenny’s home was in their neighbor’s lot! So after evacuating to Grand Island, they decided to stay in the land of aunts, uncles and cousins. The restaurant in New Orleans was sold to employees and is still as busy as ever. The New Orleans website is and the Grand Island website if you’re planning a trip to the Big Easy.

With a brief hiatus, the Benz’s began to miss the hustle and bustle of restaurant life. The old Del & Herb’s building fit the bill for a locals’ kind of joint. The building was originally further up Baseline Road and constructed in the late 1800’s. With history as a dance hall and busy neighborhood hub, it was a renovation project they couldn’t resist. And oh what a year-long project!

So on to a new chapter for Dick and Jenny and the building at Baseline and Love. All the plates on the wall are people that supported us in bringing back dinner and drinks. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for all the kindness and well wishes and frequent visits! The people of Grand Island also were incredibly generous and supportive when we evacuated from New Orleans. Thank you so much.

Here is a great example of the live music shot at Dick & Jenny's