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The Bull Run Bull Initiative #1: The Return To Rotary

The classes and the freshman are in the dorms. Some kids are in South Lake, others are stay in Apartments in Amherst, but the heart and soul of UB's culture lies on Main Street, Buffalo.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

North Campus is a hard urban world, and Alumni Arena is it's beacon. A suitable home for indoor matches on the hardwood on a cold winter's night.

South Campus is classic, ivy covered white buildings, historical Hayes hall with it's iconic clock tower. The brick street as you approach South Campus. The green space, the classic home of UB and the true home for UB Football on a warm autumn afternoon.


  • Placed back at the home of UB Athletics, South Campus, UB gamedays will be less concrete and more traditional.
  • The center of student off campus housing and student culture is the University Heights neighborhood. Students laying around in Ellicott will find it a ghost town, as football gamedays, the South Campus will be alive with activity.
  • City dwellers can take advantage of Metro subway transportation to the game.
  • South Campus is a better showcase for the city, with easy walking access to more retail options and a quick Metro ride to the downtown area.


  • Capacity - 30,000 good level for UB's MAC Tenure
  • No Track - The stadium will be a true football stadium built as close to the field as possible with good sight lines from any seat.
  • Full Bowl - a fully connected stadium signifies completeness, which is psychologically important in Buffalo. UB's Amherst Stadium had four open corners and gave an amateur vibe to a professional sports city.
  • Video Board - 55x31.5 HD Board will be tied with Tulsa as the 4th biggest video board of a AAC, MAC or C-USA that doesn't play in a NFL stadium, or a stadium that hosts a bowl game.

Dedicated Football Facility

  • Brand new coach offices and meeting rooms, will serve as permanent home of UB Football.
  • New locker room, equipment, health and training facilities.
  • Football Facility will hold 28 suites and a Club section.


  • $72,000,000. - The last five small stadiums built (Tulane, N. Texas, FAU, Akron, UCF) averaged $71.5 million dollars. UB's stadium will be on par pricewise.


  • Phase 2 would be an addition of a 15,000 seat second deck. A 45,000 seat stadium would exceed the 44,894 average capacity of an AAC stadium.
  • Phase 3 would be an addition of another 15,000 seats, a 60,000 seat stadium would exceed the 58,310 average ACC stadium.
  • Phase 4 would depend on success of the program, if the program is moderately successful, a retractable dome would be added to the 60,000 seat stadium, making it suitable for concert all-year university events and as a host of a bowl game.
  • If wildly successful, Phase 4 would add another 15,000 seats and the retractable dome, bringing capacity to 75,000 seats exceeding the 72,152 average of the B1G conference.
The Bull Run Bull Initiative is an 11 step plan for the future of UB Athletics. The first step is the creation of a new home for UB Football. Football is wildly popular in Buffalo yet, with UB Stadium, the Bulls never had a chance to attract fans used to a more professional football experience. Buffalo fans deserve to be rewarded for their loyalty with a stadium that is fun, functional and provides great value for the cost of admission. Buffalonians who are not UB fans (yet) deserve a chance to be exposed to the true college football atmosphere, from the tailgate, to the buzz in the stadium to the play on the field.

The stadium, and the new football facility will help UB recruit top athletes, recruit and retain coaches and win football games. Stay tuned for the next #BRBI reveal, where we will focus on our Alumni.