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Best Food in Buffalo - Munch Madness - Cantina Loco vs Tempo

A place with "Loco" in the name versus a intimant dining experience. In the end it's about who has the better food!

After Brennan's Bowery punched their ticket for the Savory 16 lets turn our attention to the next contest. Bull Run will put Cantina Loco versus Tempo in what may be the biggest contrast of styles you will see during round one. So far "Munch Madness" has featured a nail biter between heavyweights and an Irish Pub running over the competition.


So will it be fine dining at Tempo or a fun restaurant that gives free Taco's for Tats that joins Brennan's and Bocce in the next round?

Tempo - Website for Tempo

Tempo is a fine dining experience. If the event calls for an evening of wine choices and savory food then this is a great place to go. Tempo touts their handmade gnocchi, classic pasta bolognese, and risotto's made to order as setting it apart from other Buffalo "New World Italian restaurants".

They also cater to people looking to serve cocktails and appetizers in the bar or full service dinner for guests. Tempo resides in a circa 1880 former private residence that has been restored into a posh hardwood floor and exposed brick wall dining room.

Cantina Loco - Website for Catina Loco

The Loco provides the opposite environment of that which you find at Tempo. Where Tempo is an intimate experience Cantina Loco is full of life, energy, and community. It boasts some pretty good, and affordable food as well. But this is not one of those joints that serves you vast quantities of junk. This place has, among other things, a Korean Short Rib Taco... What the heck else can you say?

It's a fun place to eat in an upbeat growing part of the city which has awesome fusion cooking. It's a "taco" joint where you could order something every day for two weeks and never repeat yourself.