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MucnhMadness - Hutch's vs Lombardo

Two upscale urban hotspots go head to head. This match up has Hutch's vs Lombardo.

Buffalo and WNY has some amazing places to eat. At Bull Run you will decide the best place! So far we have big wins by Bocce Club Pizza (Anchor Bar), Brennan's (Trattoria Aroma), Cantina Loco (Tempo), Charlie the Butcher (Salvatore's), Chiavetta's (Red Pepper), Duff's (Oliver's), and last round winner that Gadawski's over Mulberry. The fans of Gadawski's came out in full force for a very decisive victory. I really thought with the media exposure that Mulberry has received they would come out on top. Congratulation Gadawski's. Now it is time to see who you are up against in the second round.

Not unlike the last matchup where two very similar restaurants competed, this match up is two urban upscale destinations with Hutch's vs. Lombardo.

First up is Hutch's

I took my wife to Hutch's for her brithday and the place is small. I could hear everything that was being said at every table in the back room (and I know they heard me as well!) And come to think of it, a couple of Sabres were eating on the patio. Then the food came. It was great. Us married guys love going to a restaurant having a great experience for our wives! Below is part of a review by Janie Okun giving Hutch's four starts.

Hutch's may well be the ultimate urban restaurant. It attracts a city crowd and a knowing one. Yet even though it’s located on Delaware Avenue just north of Gates Circle it sports a shaded patio that somehow manages to feel secluded. Inside, it tends to be noisy. There are two small dining rooms and one large brick walled one — this last functioning, also, as a bar.

The restaurant kitchen, which you can just see behind the pass-through, may well be the smallest in the area. But size really doesn’t seem to matter here.

Ristorante Lombardo's Web Site

Someone please respond back in the comments section with their experience. I have never had the pleasure to eat here. The website is really solid but I was unable to find an embeddable links for videos better than the one below.

A recent review from Yelp

II always have a great time here and a wonderful experience. Menu is always changing which is a good thing and the food is always at the highest quality. Owner is friendly and makes you feel like part of his family and has some great wines.

When you go I would advice to get the Cesar salad for the table they prepare it right in front of you, lobster ravioli is always amazing, and for dessert you must get the froufrou cake!!! Out of this world!
It is a classy place and great for dates or small parties. have to admit that I have never been to Lombardo's.

From the website: (A very small sample from the history of the restaurant)

With Tom Sr. behind the bar the place quickly establishes itself as a popular local watering hole and restaurant.Tom Jr. mans the restaurant side of the business. Using his Mother Rose’s recipes, Tom Jr. serves the food he grew up on and Lombardo’s soon establishes itself as a place for great Italian-American fare. Hand made Manicotti, Spaghetti with Meatballs, and Steak & Dandelion sandwiches are staples at the restaurant.