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Interesting Coaches From the Sunshine State

Jeff Golden/Getty Images

Danny White said he wants the next UB Coach to be an inspirational leader, somebody with recruiting talent, someone who can connect with the community and someone with credibility. While those attributes are important, you also need someone who will recruit well in Florida, the land where Khalil Macks and Branden Olivers are afterthoughts. With that in mind, I have a few more names for the job.

Brennan Carroll - Miami

Inspiration: Son of Pete Carroll who was the inspirational leader of the USC Trojans dynasty.

Recruiting: In three years as recruiting coordinator at USC, Carroll signed the #2, #8 and #4 classes as ranked by rivals. In the same position at Miami, he has signed the #36, #9, #20, and #12 classes.

Community Tie: Lived in Buffalo at 5 when Pete Carroll coached for the Bills. Lived in New York from 11-15. Went to school at Pitt.

Credibility: Successful at USC, coaches son.

Negatives: Would be hard to see him staying if another school called.

Bill Lazor - Miami Dolphins

Inspiration: Progressed from Cornell to the NFL, mentored Nick Foles and helped improve the Dolphins' offense.

Recruiting: Was recruiting coordinator from Cornell.

Community Tie: Worked Cornell and UB (2001-02).

Credibility: Worked with Joe Gibbs, Mike Holmgren, and Chip Kelly.

Negatives: Played and coached under Jim Hofher at both Cornell and Buffalo.

D.J. Durkin - Florida

Inspiration: Coached under Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh, and Will Muschamp.

Recruiting: From Ohio, worked in California and Florida, should be able to recruit those states well.

Community Tie: From Youngstown, (close enough) played and coached in the MAC.

Credibility: A branch of the Urban Meyer coaching tree. Coached Justin Tuck at Notre Dame.

Negatives: Working behind defensive guru Muschamp, may have inflated his coaching ability.

George McDonald - Syracuse, formerly of Miami

I mentioned him previously in UB's Coach Search Playbook.

Inspiration: McDonald coached PJ Fleck, if PJ learned to Row the Boat from McDonald, then McDonald should be even more inspirational.

Recruiting: Tabbed as one of the top 25 recruiters in the country in 2012.

Community Tie: Worked at Syracuse.

Credibility: Stealing coach from Syracuse with a chip on his shoulder, would be committed to outshining the Orange.

Negatives: Left WMU for Minnesota because it was a BCS conference. He played at Illinois under Lou Tepper