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UB Coach Search Playbook

In no particular order

The Enemy of My Enemy: George McDonald, Syracuse

George McDonald was recently demoted from his offensive coordinator position at Syracuse, and he wasn't happy about it. What better way to stick it to the Orange than to put on some New York Blue. McDonald is from Southern California, played in the Big 10 and has coached in the MAC and the NFL. McDonald was PJ Fleck's mentor, he created him, and he can destroy his weird row-boat based momentum. His specialty is developing wide receivers, which will help get the most out of Licata's final year.

The Nepotism: Kendal Briles, Baylor

To be honest, I didn't know there was a Kendal Briles until yesterday, but apparently he's the recruiting genius behind Baylor. Is UB ready for the Baylor fast spread offense? I don't know but I'm filing the trademarks for BullsFAST, BuffaloFAST and of course, the state university of NEW YORK buffalo FAST.

The Blindside: Ed Orgeron

During my time at USC, Orgeron was always the biggest personality at Heritage Hall. Kiffin did not interact with the public. Orgeron embraced everyone. You only need to spend five minutes to see why he recruits so well. He would destroy the MAC conference, but you know his stop here would be temporary. Is that what the Bulls need right now?

The Deathwish: Lane Kiffin, Alabama

Cycle of Lane Kiffin:

1) Enthusiasm: People keep seeing something in him, he must be good.

2) Shock: Wow this guy is crazy and not in a good way.

3) Crow: Ah maybe I'm wrong, he's crazy like a fox

4) Acceptance: Definitely not crazy like a fox, some coaches just want to watch the world burn

Lane won't come to Buffalo and that's good, keep him far far away from my beloved Bulls.

The Revisionist History: Danny Barrett, UCF

Remember that time we made Danny Barrett our interim coach but he never coached a game? That was a mistake. In the meantime, Barrett coached Blake Bortles to a BCS Bowl win and oversaw UCFs devastating run attack led by Storm Jackson and Latavius Murray. Some wonder what UB would look like with Barrett as coach.

The Honor Thy Father - Tyrone Wheatley, Buffalo Bills

Wheatley is a former player who has coached at EMU, Syracuse and the Bills. I don't know if he is a good coach, but his son is the top recruit in the State at Canisius. No Buffalo coach has been able to retain Buffalo's top talent. He'd have the best insight on how to do so.

The Shut Up Thomas Wolfe: Turner Gill, Liberty

Thomas Wolfe wrote, You Can't Go Home Again, however this is the rare occasion where you can. No one faulted Gill for leaving, and he still has the loyalty of many Bulls fans. His legacy only enhanced as his QB was a PAC-12 starter, and as his recruits developed into NFL Rookie of the Year candidates on both offense and defense. A return to Buffalo would bring pressure to recreate 2008, pressure he might not be able to live up to. However, it would bring so much support, UB hasn't been whole as a fanbase since he left, maybe he's the only one who can put us back together.

The Next Gill In: Bryan McClendon

The Georgia Alum returned as RB Coach of the Dawgs and has been coaching with the program since 2007. He is currently the recruiting coordinator. He seems to be the young, experienced coach that can revive the program with new blood. His work with running backs like Todd Gurley can help continue UB's "State University of RB" reputation.

The It Worked for Akron: Tommy Bowden

Akron went Bowden to resurrect their football program. Let's do it too!

The Turnabout is Fair Play: Ron English

Last year's EMU game was deemed the battle of the hot seats. Ron English lost and was fired. A year later, the new EMU coach defeated Quinn and Quinn was fired. Hiring Ron English could complete the loop. English was a defensive guru before succumbing to the black hole job that is EMU. Buffalo needs help on defense, and English will have offensive talent that he didn't have at EMU. Life could be better on the other side of the sandwich.