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NCAA Recruiting Buffalo Bulls- Jake Khoury

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo has a history of solid defensive lineman. Trevor Scott was a Gill era converted tight end who landed in the NFL and Steven Means was a Gill pull who developed under Jeff Quinn into a 5th round draft pick. The three four hybrid scheme implemented by Lou Tepper relies heavily on a stout defensive line to free up athletic linebackers.

Jake Khoury is a defensive lineman playing for St. Francis high school in Traverse City, Michigan. Coach Don Patterson saw Khoury as a solid add for the Buffalo Bulls. The recently departed Paterson had been in charge of Michigan recruiting for Buffalo.

Khoury was getting a lot of interest but Khoury told Bull Run that Buffalo was the first to offer this summer and Khoury Jumped at the opportunity.

I was recruited by Missouri, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan state, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, CMU, Western Michigan, and Eastern Michigan. Buffalo offered me first, and that was the offer I wanted, I know that coach Quinn and his staff are building something special and i want to be apart of it. -- Jake Khoury

Khoury will be hitting the weights with new UB conditioning coach Buffy Morris. He wants to "make an early impact on UB" and the best way to do that is to learn the systems and to "get in the weight room and get himself ready for big time college football."

Off the field Khoury is going to seek a degree in Nursing, "specifically nurse anesthetist". The schools program was a big part of choice to accept the offer from UB offer right away.