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2014 Bull Market Futures Report - Gary Hosey

I'll take two more Technicians
I'll take two more Technicians
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

When Jeff Quinn first came to Buffalo in 2010 the offense he brought was designed be be a fast based spread passing attack. Buffalo's offensive output that season was terrible and Quinn began moving in a different offensive direction shortly after the season was over.

Since then UB has become more of a power running team each season. Along the way Branden Oliver broke most of James Starks records, becoming the first Buffalo Bull to top 4,000 career rushing yards along the way. Coach Quinn's team has went from a wide open spread to a full back and tight end heavy offense.

So when Cass Tech star Gary Hosey was looking at schools Buffalo caught his interest. Most services list Hosey as a linebacker and many schools were looking at him as such. But in Hosey, Quinn's staff sees a future running back and Hosey could not be happier..

"Well they are looking at me as a tailback" Hosey told Bull Run,  "but what I really like about the team is they run the ball a lot and the RB is very involved in the offense."

Playing both sides of the ball Hosey was a big part of Cass Tech's Michigan state championship season. It was among his best memories during his prep career.

Coach Jappy Oliver is responsible for Michigan and had the most to do with Hosey's decision Coach Oliver did his best to get Hosey to Buffalo over offers from Eastern Michigan, Bowling Green, Ball State, Toledo, and Illinois. Rivals says Hosey was also sitting on an offer from Syracuse.

He's still undecided as to his major but is strongly considering accounting. Some sources list UB's accounting programs as one of the top 20 in the north east, and seventh among FBS schools in the nine state region.

The Buffalo Bulls have opened up a nice pipeline and Hosey along with his team mate William White will be joining several other Cass Tech alumni in Buffalo.

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