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Should UB sell naming rights?

Several Ideas for Branding for the AD to kick around.

Edit - I was unaware a beer company could not sponsor a college venue. So I have crossed out the best, yet impossible options.

Edit #2 - I was rocking with a sick kid all night and am only half "There"... I confused the Mid with M&T..

In the interest of putting aside the whole "New York" thing for an afternoon there is a way for UB to upgrade some names in a way that won't cause any kind of a rift in UB Nation. Our facilities are not well named and the practice of selling naming rights has become increasingly common.

Danny white should not miss this train.

1) The Football Stadium - UB Stadium is nearly as bland as the facility itself. Danny White has some good upgrades on the board for the Stadium but they all require Cash. The one which will not take a whole lot of money is renaming the stadium, heck you might even make a few dollars.

My top 3 suggestions:

  1. Rich Stadium - The Bills are no longer using the company name and the Rich family goes way back with UB. Surely they would be willing to toss a little bank our way to have the stadium named after their family. As a bonus "Rich Stadium" is a name everyone in Buffalo already knows!
  2. Labatt Park - The Canadian beer company houses it's US headquarters in Buffalo. The New East View club will have "Enhanced" beverage service. I have to assume that means beer so why not approach a Buffalo based resource for the name?
  3. Marine Midland M&T Park - M&T is a local companywith big name recognition. Banks tend to like to sponsor these things (look at U of M's TCF stadium).

2) The Football Field - This one is not about profit but connecting to the teams history. THere is a lot of football history at UB that was lost because the team went darck for 7 years and had to fight SUNY for more than a decade after that to get up to division one.

My top 2 suggestions:

  1. Offenhamer Field - Best coach, hands down, in UB's history. He led the top two teams ever (58 & 59) after a half decade building project.
  2. Peelle Field - Sounds a bit awkward but James Peelle lead the department into its golden age taking things over in 1936 and running the show until near the 1970 blackout. He also coached the footbal team and Baseball team for a time.

3) Alumni Arena - Sure you want to give proper respect to the Alumni but a catchy name that brings in a bit of money might be nice.

My top 3 suggestions:

  1. Labatt Blue arena -"The Bluerena" - Not tapping into Labatt is a mistake. If the Rich Family takes up naming the stadium going after the "Blurena" could be a natural fit. The Team is blue, the beer is blue and the area is blue.
  2. Salhen's Arena - Best hot dogs I have ever had and they are right out of Buffalo. When my family drives up here I alsays have them bring a buch for summer BBQ's. They have been Buffalo Strong since 1869.
  3. Flying Bison arena - Maybe a bit confusing but can you go wrong with a Buffalo based brewing company?

4) The Basketball Court

  1. Powell Court - From 1915 to 1943 Powell was a fixture in UB athletics first as a football coach and as a hoops Coach. It's fair to call Powell "the Father of UB Basketball"
  2. Greiner Court - William R. Greiner has a lot to do with UB getting back into big time college Athletics. Though there is already a dorm going to be named after him.