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MAC Power Rankings - NIU and Bowling Green will Brawl for it all

Jonathan Daniel

W13 Team Tier Change Game Comment
1 NIU 1 0 Won at WMU NIU crushed WMU and finish the season undefeated.
2 Ball State 1 0 Win vs Miami Ball State was a Quarter from being where NIU is. Now they will have a Bowl and likely lose their coach.
3 BGSU 2 1 Win at Buffalo Bowling Green came out way more prepared than Buffalo and it showed.
4 Toledo 2 -1 Lost at Akron Toledo really hurt their Bowl selection reputation at exactly the wrong time. They beat UB and BGSU but might be behind both
5 Buffalo 3 0 Loss vs BGSU A terrible showing by UB's offensive coaching staff. They came in with a bad game plan and made no adjustment.
6 Akron 3 1 Won vs Toledo Akron really peaked late in the year. They could be a team to watch in the East next season.
7 CMU 3 -1 Won vs EMU Not at all a bad win by CMU but does a 6 win CMU team get picked for a bowl two years in a row?
8 Kent 4 0 Bye Kent had a rough season and lose a lot of talent. On the flip side Kent has a great young QB.
9 Ohio 4 0 Win vs UMass Ohio halts a 3 game skid but this is clearly a team that is not playing their best ball going into Bowl season
10 EMU 5 0 Loss at CMU The Eagles played the year better than I expected but I was not expecting a whole lot. Does Parrish trip into another HC job?
11 WMU 5 0 Loss vs NIU The big hope for WMU fans is that Fleck will do well with the impressive recruiting class he has put together.
12 UMass 5 0 Loss at Ohio Is Molinar the man to make UMass a respectable MAC program?
13 Miami 5 0 Loss at BSU Worst Miami Season since 1900 or so, things can only go up from here.