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Clawson calls out the Ralph....

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

By now we all think the clash at the Ralph is a super idea right? Well I'm certainly on board and if you watched the "Last Bull In" you know that Conrad, Matt, and Dave agree.

Lets examine a few facts about what the game day atmosphere will be at the Ralph versus what it will be at UB Stadium.

Acoustics - Even if you lopped off the top of the Ralph to get it's capacity down to 30-40 thousand it would still be a far more favorable acoustic venue than UB Stadium. I'm no sound engineer but my EE background gives me enough insight to know a shallow deep bowl stadium beats a set of east/west grandstands.

UB Stadium has a track and is the field is large enough for NCAA soccer matches. This means that there are eight lanes, a long jump pit/lane and a deep side line between the first and the field. At rich stadium you're far closer to the sideline.

There is no way we get 24K to UB stadium for this game with 0 students on campus and people in a Turkey induced coma. The mere fact it's at the Ralph means there is a lot more interest among fans of UB and general Buffalo sports fans. That interest has led to publicity and to I suspect a reasonably higher attendance then UB stadium would have seen.

A lot of the kids who play for UB used to play in high school football in Bills country. Many probably dreamed of playing a game in Rich Stadium someday. Some of those players even played high school playoff games on that field. Maybe Khalil Mack can pick out his digs in the Bills locker room for next year.

But bowling Green tried something like this last season and it left a bitter taste in David Clawson's mouth. It came across at Bowling Greens press conference.

Reporter: It shouldn’t be a real, terrific home field advantage for them. It shouldn’t be a real roaring, raucous crowd on campus on a Saturday. I’m don’t know how deep you want to get in to that. It seems like this should be a real opportunity for you, there shouldn’t be a real heavy home…

Clawson: Well, they say they have like 30-35 thousand tickets out. How many of those people show we’ll see, but it’s at an NFL stadium. You can have a great MAC football crowd there, but the nature of playing in an NFL stadium, which we have done with the Patriots and the Eagles, certainly reduces crowd noise. Is that your point?

Reporter: Yeah, it shouldn’t be much of a home field advantage for them. In other words, it’s not like you’re going to be going on the road, it’s likely a generic…

Clawson: It’s more of a neutral site game?

Reporter: Yeah.

Clawson: I mean, I’m sure there’s a part of them that wishes this game was in UB stadium. I’m sure they won’t say that. We did the same thing last year.

Do you hear that Bulls fans, Bills fans, Sabres fans.... Davy Clawson is calling you out!

He thinks that playing half way across the state, in a soccer stadium, while standing in the shadow of an AQ team is the same thing as playing 30 minutes from campus in a class NFL faculty surrounded by the best fans in sports!

Lets pack the lower bowl.

The Bills are in Toronto, UB is competing for a conference championship, and the #BullsMafia would love the company.