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Bull Run MAC Power Rankings

Bull Run MAC Power Rankings

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I don't feel any batter about *how* we lost but I am a bit more at peace about the fact that we did lose. Kent just shocked Ball State and is on a six game conference winning streak.

Toledo retakes their spot a top the conference rankings and Ohio, despite being the only undefeated team left falls from a first place tie to second. If they have that much trouble with UMass than they might really struggle with Kent or Ball State later on in the season.

No changes for the bottom six. No win was good enough and no loss was bad enough to warrant movement.

Team +/- Comment
1 Toledo 3 Convincing win over WMU, combined with Ohio's death struggle against the Minutemen bounce Toledo all the way up to #1
2 Ohio You have to like the way that Ohio fought back to win, but at the same time no way should a "ranked" team need to do that against Umass
3 Northern Illinois 2 Solid win for the Huskies, NIU is starting to hit their stride in the post Chandler Harnish world.
4 Kent 2 Kent just established themselves as a legitimate threat in the east and as a dark horse for the conference Title. That’s six straight conference wins for the Flahses!
5 Western Mighigan -1 No shame in losing to Toledo but losing they way you did means a slight demotion. That and Kent earned a bump into the top four.
6 Ball State -5 It's just one game but the Cardinals, despite massively out gaining Kent could not put the flashes away. This might be the loss that most hurts the Card's title shot
7 Central Michigan If Bowling Green had beaten an FBS team the Chips failure against NIU would have warranted a slight demotion. Still nobody below them did anything to knock them down
8 Bowling Green Yay the Clawfence beat an FCS team.
9 Miami Either Miami is a whole lot worse than most people thought or Akron is a whole lot better.
10 Akron That's two weeks in a row Akron is playing solid games. The post iCoach rebuilding program is taking shape nicely for the zips.
11 Eastern Michigan Good week to have a bye
12 Buffalo The Bulls two minute drill against Umass pretty much summed up everything wrong with the team since Jeff Quinn took over.
13 Umass So close to a monumental conference upset! The Minutemen have a shoat at about any MAC team left on their schedule. It's hard to see them go winless if they play like this