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Buffalo at Pittsburgh 4th Quarter

Ed Young's Dejavu 4
Ed Young's Dejavu 4

When we last left you, Buffalo dominated the 3rd Quarter, but the defense found itself exhausted from sitting on the bench for long stretches of time. Pitt extended its lead to 21-10, but the UB offense started a good drive to keep the game close...see 1st quarter, 2nd quarter and 3rd quarter recaps.

15:00 Pitt fans sing "Sweet Caroline" at the 3rd Quarter Stretch, it's stupid

We start 2nd and 4 at the 22. BO loss of 2.

3rd and 6 Chazz Roll Right, great back shoulder catch by Neutz down to the 3.

2 BO runs into the end zone

UB 16 - Pitt 21

We go for 2 Chazz roll right, caught by Ed Young but dropped after he was hit near the goal line.

So we're down 5, but seriously we have controlled the game since the 5 minute mark in the 2nd quarter we have to be feeling good.


We got a ball game boys

by Scott Peddie

LETS GO BUFFALO!!!!! thank GOD!!!!

by Rae Ann Inge

what a great catch by neutz... we're in this game baby

by BCBull

really need a D stop. This game is up for grabs

by Hokie200proof

Up for grabs...unfortunate foreshadowing...

So you're a UB team with all the momentum what do you do:?

a) Surprize onside kick recovery

b) Kick it out of bounds

c) Pin them back deep with great kick return coverage

d) Allow a Kick return Touchdown


kickoff out o bounds is exactly the type of thing that loses this type of game

by BCBull

UB catches a break as Sunseri thorws it behind a wide open Pitt Reciever.

13:13 3rd and 5..conversion to Shanahan...

someone want to cover the tight end, once?

by BRJ75

Nope we can't, also he's officially listed as a WR, but he looks tight endy to me.

11:51 Shanahan Touch Down.

Some coaches make Quinn just goes with the flow...or what I call a:


Shanahan and TE Graham combine for 8 recs 135 yards and 1 td. Rest of Pitt: 8 recs 44 yards 0 tds...we continue to let Shanahan and Graham roam free.

Anyway...Pitt 28 - UB 16

well we cant win if we dont get a stop

by Scott Peddie

That was a Hofherism...I sure do miss his postgame pressers.

11:51 UB starts on the 20, in the shotgun with 4 wide, they check Quinn, Chazz goes under center and hands off to Oliver for a 2 yard gain...I wonder what we keep seeing in these at the line adjustments.

9:45 3rd and 7: quick hitch to Rivers who escapes for 3 YAC yards and a first down.

8:55 Chazz roll left almost intercepted, eventually dropped by Terrell Jackson.

8:47 Pitt brings the house, Chazz dumps to Oliver for a good gain. 3rd and 3.

8:10 short pass to Oliver brings up 4th and 1 at midfield.

Thoughts 1) Oliver isn't getting enough work with his 33 carries, give him more receptions.

Thoughts 2) We're churning a lot of clock for a team down 2 with no run defense. (FORESHADOWING)

Thought 2b) Maybe it's cause they expect us to conserve clock...#Quinnball

7:27 Bo gets the 1st down...

Thoughts: So we have an offensive goaline package...someone needs to find that defensive goalline package.

6:42 Oliver has 33 rushes for 103 yards and 1 TD announcer "33 rushes it feels like he's carried it 50 times"

6:00 3rd and 5 c'mon fly to rivers, just out of his reach.

5:46: 4th and 5: a little Déjà vu



by Scott Peddie

cmon young

by BCBull

You gotta catch that one...

by CTBullsfan

Can you cut players in college?

by 2010bulls

Give him the Nick Saban Medical Hardship...He seems to have lost both his hands.

I think I just punched my computer

by BRJ75

Its a team sport, but he makes those two catches and this is

a totally different game.

by CTBullsfan

Pitt has to give their gameball to Ed Young

by D.C.A.

Am I correct in saying he had a free run to the endzone on that one too?

by BRJ75

He could have stopped off for a beer on the way to the end zone.

by CTBullsfan

There was one person to beat, but Young would have had the step on him, and he only had to go 15 yards

by Scott Peddie

He could have done his taxes

And make chocalate chip cookies

by 2010bulls

Once again lets go inside the Ed Young drop.

The initial matchup:



Shotgun: 2 wide left, 2 wide right, 1 Running back (still 10 formation)


In some Nickel 3-4 hybrid...3 Corners, with 1 Safety lined 10 yards away from the slot receiver, 1 deep safety 15 yards back. 2 Down linemen and 4 linebackers in standard position. As it is 4th and five, the linemen are lined up between the tackle and guard, leaving the middle open.

Situation: 4th and 5 at the 37, 4th quarter 5:46 to go.


In a brilliant play call, Quinn catches Pitt's defense cheating again, they read WR Screen. Ed Young sets up to block for Marcus Rivers who is turned back to receive the screen pass...


Both Pitt defenders race up to stop the screen...(remember that there is only 1 deep safety...the other safety is 10 yards back at the snap and covering Young) As the safety runs 5 yards up to stop Rivers, Young releases from his fake block and sprints past the corner and the safety.


Chazz sold the screen perfectly with his eyes, and now launches the pass down-field. The closest defenders start to chase, but are a solid 5 yards behind a sprinting Ed Young.


As the ball arrives Young has about 7 yards in all directions and one man to beat for a Touchdown. Note Young's head is up...his eyes seem to be on the safety before he secured the catch.


His head is still up as the ball gets through his hands and into his legs.


And dropped.

Back to the game...

5:16 Sunseri Sacked and stripped by Khalil Mack Bulls recover.

still have life

throw it too Ed Young

by BRJ75

4:46 Devon Hughes in for Ed Young actually catches ball...1st and 10 from the 16.

4:26 down 2 scores...we continue to run the ball...Oliver for 2 yards.

3:58 Pittsburgh Blitzes Anderson runs out of bounds for 1 yard loss...announcers praise him for stopping the clock...and shows America that they do not know NCAA rules. The clock continues to run, UB continues to take their sweet time.

3:26 Anderson blitzed again and taken down after a 3 yard gain.

3:02 4th and 6, last 4th down they had a great fake WR screen that Pitt over committed to. #Quinnball demands that we try an actual WR screen...this time they'll be expecting the fake WR screen right? wrong, Pitt over plays it again, and the only thing that prevented a 5 yard loss was a god awful throw.


thats the call on 4th and 6??

by Scott Peddie

If only we had some play we've run 20-30 times today and was never stopped...

hell, run that damn slant youve been running all game

by BRJ75

Pitt runs for a short gain UB uses their 2 timeouts...Pitt takes it as disrespect and responds with a 75 yard run by Graham to the 1 yard line with 2 minutes remaining.

nothing like a little salt

by BRJ75

Pittsburgh scores 35-16. Later I'll tell my friends for the hundredth time that UB was soooo close...they'll say I always say that. We're both usually right.

1:13 Hughes gets into the pass drop game...

1:07 With nothing left to talk about Announcers debate University of vs University at Buffalo. Neutz makes a great shoestring grab...lets design more deep balls to Neutz please.

:48 4th and 1, UB QB sneak for the 1st down is nullified by illegal motion, with at 10 second run off. Thank god for that run off I want no more of this game.

:35 First down catch by Neutz.

With 13 seconds left, we throw a slant to Neutz just to prove we could do it all day long...we chose not to do it, we were never shut down...take that Pitt.

:00 We false start, with the 10 second run off, game is over...awesome. Just awesome.

So the game ends Pitt 35 - UB 16. I was in Vegas at the time and between cursing Ed Young, I praised the Bulls for covering the spread. Then my mind went to the irrational, adding points we should have had and subtracting points they didn't deserve until I found a combination of events that results in us winning this winnable game.

Then I used comparisons to make myself feel better..."hey we lost at Pitt in 2008...if we play at this level, and limit our mistakes, we can make waves in the MAC"....we didn't, we didn't play at this level, we didn't limit our mistakes and we didn't make waves in the MAC.

Next on UB 2011 Video Recap: The UCONN game...after the Pitt game we felt UCONN at home would be winnable.

I know one thing, Im excited for the UCONN game

if UB can clean some things up, they have a fair shot


by BRJ75

by D.C.A.

The Pitt game was a knife fight, each team inflicting small wounds, but in the end we disabled ourselves with 3 deep self inflicted wounds...Pitt just waited for us to hurt ourselves then easily finished the job.

The UCONN game in my memory was like swinging at a Pinata...UConn was just hanging there waiting for us to bash its brains out and savor its sweet candy insides...but after being spun around three times we went the wrong way and fell off a cliff... oh yes we were swinging at a pinata on a mountain top...I should've mentioned that.

Stayed tuned for UCONN at UB First Quarter.