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Buffalo at Pittsburgh 3rd Quarter

When we last left you, Pittsburgh's offense sputtered, UB's lost playbook was not found, so Quinn continually called Slant and Delayed handoff...Jeffvon "Chevron" Gill was sent to find the playbook and was thus unavailable to spell Oliver. Ed Young dropped a touchdown, but spent halftime preparing himself mentally for his next opportunity.

If you need to catch up, check out the first quarter and second quarter recaps.


Back to the game...

13:00 4 straight BO runs for 20 yards and 2 first downs. Oliver's 18th carry already.

12:00 Chazz Roll Right complete to Rivers, who gets 15 in YAC yardage. 1st and 10 on the 30.

11:20 Foreshadowing alert: Oliver fumbles, but it luckily falls out of bounds before Pitt can recover.

10:30 back to Oliver, so it's now 3rd and 11 from the 31, timeout, let's see what Quinn thinks up:.

Huge play coming up!

by 2010bulls


That was the WORST screen ever!!

by Scott Peddie

omfg throw that away chazz

by Hokie200proof

freaken game killer

by Hokie200proof

Just like that

by 2010bulls

Someone needs to send Jeff Quinn to Screeners Anonymous..

UB has had awful results from just about every screen they have run since Gill left..

by Tim Riordan

I wonder what was called before the timeout. So we go from UB ball at the Pitt 30, to Pitt ball at the UB 20...1 run down to the 5, and wait a minute you left?...

What down was that interception on?

I was up getting more water

by BRJ75

NEVER get up during a UB drive again!

10:01 Khalil Mack sheds his block then attempts an arm tackle...attempts the key word as the back shrugs Mack off and walks into the end zone. Pitt 14 - UB 3.

9:15 Chazz rollout left complete to Terrell for a first down.

8:20 quick slant gets us to 3rd and 1 UB, another slant for a 1st down. Slant is there all day every day.

6:31 Chazz roll right, 3 yard gain...2nd and 7 from the Pitt 32. We set, and then stop to look for the play call...what is it this time? Slant or delayed handoff....we'll never know as Chazz promptly takes off for a first down to the 20.

5:24 Chazz roll left, to Neutz inside the 10...we've dominated the last 20 minutes, but we're down 11, need a TD.

4:50, Oliver had a TD in sight, but was running too high let the arm tackler get him down...lower the pad level young man.

4:27 Play-action TD pass to the Tight end negated by very late timeout by Pittsburgh.

4:22 zone read, Chazz keeps it...


by CTBullsfan

Great drive!

by Scott Peddie

real nice drive, and when I say real nice, i really mean


by BRJ75

Panthers 14- Bulls 10

3:50 Great kickoff great kick coverage...Pitt already at midfield...defense is cold.

2:35, great read on the quick WR screen by Najja Johnson loss of 3.

2:09, disgusting play...Our line's pressure is 2 seconds too late again.. Shanahan still not covered...a tight end gets away from 3 bulls in open field.


1:53, Graham walks into the end zone...we have a goal line set don't we Quinn? Can we use it?

well that was easy

by Scott Peddie

Panthers 21- Bulls 10

1:46 Jackson with a 25 yard return to the 36 probably our best field position of the night.

1:41 Pitt gives a 10+ yard cushion, Chazz throws a 7 yard hitch for a first down...tack on 15 for a face mask, we're in Pitt territory again.

1:20 Chazz overthrows wide open Nuetz 25 yards down field.

1:16 Slant to Jackson, slant never fails.

:45 Slant to Gordon, first down.

:00 Oliver runs down to the 20 yard line.

End of quarter Pitt 21 - UB 10

We have dominated for a bit, but an interception and a bad defensive series has us down 11. Will the defense rise up to the level of the offense? will the offense finish this drive with 7, or sputter out? Will there be a heart-crushing, game-killing drop by Ed Young? Check back for the conclusion of Buffalo at Pittsburgh 2011 recap.