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Buffalo at Pittsburgh 2nd Quarter


When we last left you, Pittsburgh running backs roamed freely through our defense, but due to the Genius of Todd Graham, they spent more time throwing incomplete passes...meanwhile Brandon Oliver found slightly more running room than Chevron Jeffvon Gill who was permanently fixated on the bench...down only 7, Quinn decides not to deviate from the original gameplan.

2nd Quarter

Pittsburgh in the red zone, they start to abandon the run and prove how high octane they are.

14:20: Colby Way with a great bull rush for a sack, on 3rd down, field goal no good

13:37: 7 yard run by Oliver plus 15 yard personal foul on Pitt, we're driving.

12:58 Finally we see Chazz Rollout Right....on 2nd down, with the usual outcome of ball thrown out of bounds.

terrible footwork there by Chazz

good feeling for the pocket though

by ubbulls08

Good punt out of bounds.... directional punting is a lost art.

Sunseri gets a 15 yard scramble, but Pitt got away with a monster hold.

Pitt matriculates down the field using the big targets:

somebody may want to cover the tight end

by BRJ75

8:42 a coverage throw away, we are getting near to no penetration, probably should have been called intentional grounding.

8:32 of course as I say that, on 3rd down mack gets a nice pass rush on a stunt, Pitt checks down for a short gain and now a fg good...Pitt is looking like a MAC team....

But the natives are getting restless:

I don't understand the fixation on Oliver

He's not starks. stop making him the focus on the offense

by ubbulls08

Two years in a row I don't get it!

by 2010bulls

Jeffvon Gill shold start over Oliver

why does nobody realize that Jeffvon Gill tends to lead the team in yards per attempt every year?

by D.C.A.

Maybe one day we'll find out why Gill was shut out and shipped out, but that Oliver guy found his grove eventually.

7:40 1st down good pocket good throw for a first down.

6:44, 2nd down quick slant to Neutz out of the shotgun

6:22 Quick WR screen to Terrell, 2nd first down...ahh the beauty of the spread offense, who cares which running back we use, lets just go 5 wide and toss it around.

6:01 another quick slant to Neutz another 1st down.


oh God no why

by D.C.A.

Are you kidding me

by 2010bulls


cannot believe that drop

by ubbulls08


perfect throw by chazz!

by Scott Peddie

After the game I went back to the tape of the Young drop:


The initial matchup:

Shotgun: 3 wide left, 1 wide right, 1 Running back (10 formation if you're using the yellow flip cards at home.)

Base 3-4 Defense, 1 OLB standing up at the line of scrimmage, 1 OLB and 1 MLB split covering WR's, 1 MLB at Center. 2 deep safeties and 2 Cornerbacks on the outside.

Situation: 1st and 10 at the 33, 2nd quarter 5:38 to go.


Pitt expecting a short pass, sends all 4 linebackers and both corners on shallow zone drops...2 deep cover 3 it looks like...on the bottom of the screen you can see Marcus Rivers has a free streak down the inexperienced QB would be tempted to go there...


But an experienced QB knows the easier play, and safer (see Donald Jones) is waiting for the safety to shift outside and hitting the slot receiver.


Perfect execution prevents teams from cheating, and getting away with it. It stops teams from playing zone, and blitzing, and allows you to exploit your one on one matchups.

Poor execution, penalties and mental errors, are the surest way to steal defeat from the jaws of victory.



On reverse angle, I can't see why that ball is not caught. Like Ragu it's in there!


Insult to Injury...the Pitt Manager turns back to laugh with his friends about how much we suck.

Back to the game:

So with regular plays working, but not being executed properly, we try to execute some trickeration, with a FleaFlicker, Rivers gets his hands on it couldn't bring it in.

41 yard field goal good UB 3 - Pitt 7. The Punter Kicker from down under.

4:15 Bulls upping the pressure

Is this guy getting out of the tackle box when he's throwing it away

the last two have been real close

by BRJ75

No he isn't but Big East refs....

3:59, huge jailbreak pressure, blantant holding and a dropped INT by Lester...and yes no call on the holding. True Blue is feeling the defensive effort.


anybody else hear the chant?

by D.C.A.

sure did

by BRJ75


Gotta let those people know we heard em.

by ubbulls08

Love that moment sometime in the 1st half when we do something good and can chant before Tennessee there was the Chazz touchdown run and the recovered fumble on the ensuing kickoff...the euphoria lasted about 40 seconds tho as we went 3 and out and missed a field goal.

BTW Jeff Quinn *still* has not scored a First Quarter Touchdown as a HC...

Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull

by Tim Riordan

3:45 the alway effective return for 0 yards with the block in the back penalty.

Chazz roll right not by design but still thrown out of bounds.

2:55 slant to Neutz, still not stopped by Pitt. 1st down...will either coach make an adjustment? Because Bull Run Nation wants adjustments.

I know that slant has been working

but sooner or later its going to get jumped

by BRJ75


need to hit a slant and go

by Scott Peddie

was thinking the same.

by Hokie200proof

1st and 10 7 yard scramble by Anderson

2nd and 3 no gain run oliver

3rd and 3 incomplete pass slant to rivers

4th down....thought about going for it didn't.

1:16 Punt downed at the 1.

Pitt at the 1 is in goal line formation we counter with....the 4-3...Pitt just wants to get to the line and kill why aren't we on the line to push them back???

I screamed that at the top of my lungs about 10 rows behind the UB bench in Tennessee, ....if its 3rd or 4th and 1, or the other team is on their own 1 yard line...why are our linebackers 5 yards off the ball...get aggressive!

Pitt gets a yard, runs out the clock and ends the half. The first quarter dominated by the Panters, the 2nd quarter by the Bulls but both high-octane spread offenses only manage one score each. Pitt 7 - UB 3.

7-3 at HALF

I think any of us would take this score. Right in the game, with ball at half. Lets see Quinn make some half time adjustments

by Scott Peddie

Halftime adjustments? We have a few comedians in the house...

And I'll close with my favorite segment of the game thread:

Ok 7-3, whay is Jeff Quinn Writing here for halftime?


Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull

by Tim Riordan

dinner orders

by Hokie200proof

sweet and sour chicken

poo poo platter
garlic chicken
pork fried rice
and oh yea.....
fortune cookie

by BRJ75

Don't forget the dumplings.

by 2010bulls

get the ball

get the ball

to Oliver

by D.C.A.


Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull

by Tim Riordan

Jeff Quinns Cook Book

To Serve Oliver

Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull

by Tim Riordan

note to self

see what 5th year eligible quarterbacks are available

by BRJ75