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Bulls head to Akron for face the wounded Zips

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From far away it might look like tomorrows game between the third place Buffalo Bulls and the First place Akron Zips puts more pressure on Buffalo than Akron. Given that Buffalo still has not clinched a bye to the quarter finals one could certainly make that case.

Akron, however, is one loss away from its first 'losing streak' during Mid American Conference play, and that game comes against one of only two teams who has managed to beat them this season. Moreover a loss by the Zips, along with a win by Ohio would put Akron just one game in front of two teams who would each win a head to head tie breaker.

A loss tomorrow would send Akron into Kent, on the heels of two losses, with the potential of falling all the way to third in the conference.

All a loss does to Buffalo is put them into a tie for third with Kent (assuming the flashes win). Since UB owns that tie, and finishes the season with a home game, their post season hopes don't change much regardless of tomorrows outcome.

Akron is coming off an awful loss to Ohio. After their only other loss of the year, on the road at Buffalo, the Zips returned home and demolished Kent. The chances that they are going to roll over are slim, good teams seldom roll over and Akron is about the best this conference has to offer.

Akron is led by Zeke Marshall. He is only putting in about 25 minutes a game but is averaging ten points a game. Marshall also leads the zips in blocks (2.9).

The two teams are very evenly matched, Akron is better at taking the ball away. Buffalo also gives the ball up a little more than one time a game.

UB 72.8 46 65.5 35.1 40.8 12 28.8 16.4 15.3 5.7 5.5 18.3
AKR 72.8 46.5 68.9 36.9 35.8 11.4 24.4 13.8 14.1 7.4 4.2 18.3
UB Opponents 66.7 38.7 69.8 32.7 33.3 11.3 22 13.6 11.8 7.6 2.5 19.7
AKR Opponents 65.4 41.3 69.4 29 33.6 11.9 21.7 11.7 14.3 6.2 3.3 19.1