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Buffalo can still win the MAC: With a whole lot of help

I bet you thought that nasty two game conference slide against Kent and Ohio ended our hopes of locking up an NIT bid (you know in case we don't win in Cleveland). Well you're wrong! All we need is a rare planetary alignment which consist of.

Here are the horoscopes you want other MAC coaches to get in order for the Bulls to win the regular season title:

Keith Dambrot: The Kangaroo rises in the house of Pisces (The House of Self-Undoing). Beware Tauraus and Aquila as a fall to both could spell your undoing.

John Groce: Beware Cat's in the house of Gemini (The House of Communications). Being on the road away from home for a full week will leave you ample opportunity to trip at least one time.

Reggie Witherspoon: Scorpio is your friend the (House of Reincarnation) is the place you want to take a team that looked like it could beat anyone several weeks ago.

In plain English we need to win against Akron and Bowling Green. We also need Akron to lose to Kent and OU to trip up against either Kent or Miami (both are road games).

The worst UB is looking at, right now, is a four seed and single bye. To take the two seed UB just needs one more win than Ohio. To fall as far as four we need to lose at least one, along with OU, and have Kent Win out. If we lose both (along with OU) and Kent wins one we end up in the 4 seed.

BTW the NorthWestern Blog Sippin on Purple has a list of all the NCAA teams to have never went dancing.

The Never-Made-The-Tourney Club, 2012 - Sippin' On Purple
This year, Northwestern has a chance to leave the kiddie table. Take a look around, sirs. These are our brethren. There is no need for this inanity. Over the next two weeks, we will find out whether our lot is cast with these, the unloved, unwanted souls of NCAA basketball, or whether we get to finally move to a higher plane.

Yup,. were there. Sippin' on Purple and Bull Run are the only two SBNation sites covering teams that have only went as far as the NIT. Maybe, if we both make it this season we celebrate. If Neither team makes it I smell a very juicy, and sadly a long term, bet coming on.

What do you say Rodger Wings for Brat's?