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Three Point Shot: Bye-Bye Bye

The Bulls just passed up one of the Biggest gifts Charlie Coles will ever give them. By Letting Ohio come into Alumni and smack them around in the paint UB put themselves into a three way tie for second, with tie breaking advantages all going to the Bobcats.

It's the same story every year. UB looks good, if not great, early in their conference games only to fall apart late in the season. This year, with a double bye on the line, it's going to hurt more than most.

Despite themselves UB was beginning to make a late run until an awful call by the Refs gave UB a technical and within moment the Bulls went from down six to down ten. They tried to balance it out with another borderline technical on Ohio several minutes later but by that point the damage had been done.

The Bigs had pretty big nights but McCrea's 15 and Watt's 19 was not enough to make up for sloppy work on the defensive boards and terrible shooting from beyond the arch.

Point One) There is persistent, stubborn, and stupid.

For the love of Pete, if you are 3-19 from beyond the Arch *STOP SHOOTING FROM BEYOND THE ARCH*. Well before the first period was over UB had displayed this was not their night from long range. They might hit one but miss the next four.

Still the number of times they ran down the floor and took the first so-so opportunity they got was baffling. This was a night when our Guards really let us down. Yet for some reason coach Witherspoon let them keep throwing garbage up hoping that something might land.

Point Two) This team can't win a game if they don't win on the boards

No pressure on the guys down low but if UB gets out rebounded they lose nine out of ten games. If they get out rebounded by 10, and give up 21 offensive boards, well they will lose those games ten out of ten times.

It was like the South Dakota game part duex. Nobody blocked out the Bobcats down low and great defensive efforts were rewarded by giving Ohio another shot down in the paint on what should fave been a fairly easy rebound.

Point Three) Credit where Credit is due

Buffalo was 18 of 23 from the line, definitely a fine game at the stripe for a team that typically struggles.